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Finger Lime

Finger Lime

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Our Australian Finger limes citrus trees (Citrus australasica) are an unusual citrus tree in this country and make a great gift for a citrus collector. With their tiny leaves and sharp spikes finger limes are one of the few citrus varieties that can be successfully grown outside in the UK without frost protection. The fruits are filled with individual cells of lime that 'pop' on the mouth giving them their name of lime caviar in culinary circles.

Current Description
Bold and spiky, the new finger lime trees are looking fabulous with a good head of foliage. Not currently in flower or fruit.
65cm tall including a 5L pot
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5 Stars 4.9/ 5 63 reviews
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Trevor, Feb 20
5 stars

Healthy looking plant

S Dew, Jan 07
5 stars

Lovely product, though expensive, presumably because pretty rare. Very impressed though with the service and the product. I gave this as a gift to 2 separate people (2 separate transactions) and both recipients liked them. I’ve seen one of the plants and it looks good!

Elizabeth Sturdy, Jan 03
5 stars

Beautiful little bush arrived very healthy & good size!

jane macleod, Dec 27
5 stars

Excellent quality plant and faultless service.

Vicki, Jul 07
5 stars

Can't wait for it to fruit

Tanya Cross, Jun 22
5 stars

Tree arrived in good condition and is thriving.

Paula Clarke, May 21
5 stars

Beautiful plant in wonderful pot with extensive care instructions.

Melanie, May 15
5 stars

Good quality

5 stars

Easy to order, Arrived well boxed. A Very healthy plant and is growing rapidly!!

Customer Image
Customer Image
Customer Image
Nadine, Mar 16
5 stars

Beautiful, healthy plant with practical advice

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

The finger lime (Citrus australasica) comes from Australia where the fruits are favourite for 'bush tucker'. Despite their southern origins these plants do surprisingly well in this country and can bring pleasure for years, with the right care.

If you are keeping your plant inside remember citrus trees like lots of light and a cool but not cold room. A light room near a window or a conservatory is ideal. In winter, Keep your tree away from central heating. If you are keeping your plant outside choose a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Don’t let the roots freeze or become waterlogged – if the ground is frozen outside then the plant should be inside, or the pot wrapped in fleece to protect from the worst of the cold.

When you water the plant, you need to ensure the top of the soil is bone dry, make sure you water the whole root ball all the way through until water runs right through the pot and out of the bottom. Always let the excess water drain away and never leave the plant standing in water. Expect to water much more frequently in summer than in winter.

In the summer (April until September), citrus trees benefit from a higher nitrate food, we use our own formula summer citrus feed every week to encourage growth. In winter they require a different feed that is more balanced to encourage fruit and flowers, so we feed them our own mix winter citrus feed fortnightly from October until March. The fruit of this tree is long and thin, and “finger” sized and ripens in winter. When you open it up you will see the capsules inside – just like a pomegranate. Some call it “lime caviar”.

Problem Solving

Overwatering, underwatering and shock can all be a cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 20 and your plant is in a grump. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery.

Our plants are grown in a pesticide free environment. In the unlikely event that you find any pests (including aphids or caterpillars) on your plant use a soft soap or pest spray to wash off the offending creatures and pick off any damaged leaves to keep the plant tidy.

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