Asiatic Lily

These dwarf lilies make a great gift and will thrive in a cool room or on a windowsill as well as outdoor on a patio. The dramatic blooms last for at least two full weeks and the bulbs can then be planted out in the garden to flower again next year.
Current Description
This weeks asiatic lillies are well budded for the new season and are ready to burst into bloom within a week or so of arrival. We have yellow, red and pale pink flowering varieties available at the moment so please do make a note below if you have a preference or we'll just pick the nicest looking on the day.
55cm tall including pot.
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Dwarf Pot lilly Asiatic Lily             Asiatic Lily             Asiatic Lily             Asiatic Lily             Asiatic Lily             Asiatic Lily
Dwarf Pot lilly
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Asiatic Lilies are usually grown outside, but these plants are also quite happy indoors in their first season.

Make sure the plants get some daylight, by putting them near a window. A cool room is best, try to keep them away from any radiators. If you live in a mild part of the UK you may prefer to put your lilies outside on a patio or in the garden. They will last a bit longer, as it is cooler but you must bring them inside if there is any chance of frost.

Whilst lilies are young and in small pots they will need watering several times a week, especially if your room is centrally heated. Water from the top and let the excess drain away, or stand the pots in water for twenty minutes. If you have to go away for a while you can place them in a shallow tray or saucer of water.

When the flowers are over, you can prepare them for next year by placing them outside so the bulbs cool down and dry out. They should be allowed to rest and the foliage die back over the Summer and Autumn and they will not need any watering other than what nature throws at them.

Next winter you will need to protect them from cold winds and frost (a cool greenhouse or shed is ideal) and you may wish to repot them in a larger pot or directly into the garden in either October or March. If you prefer to keep them in the same pot then simply feed and water them regularly from late winter to early spring ready for a dramatic show again next year.

Problem solving:

Brown tips or wilting foliage is normally a sign that that your lilies need more water so make sure you water regularly particularly when they are growing rapidly in early spring.

Lillies are considered toxic so please ensure young children or animals do not ingest any part of these plants.