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Australian Tea Tree Australian Tea Tree
Australian Tea Tree

Australian Tea Tree

Not to be confused with tea plants these tea tree plants (Melaleuca alternifolia) are prized for the antiseptic properties in the fragrant leaves. Used externally for a wide range of skin conditions they are an attractive and fragrant tree and despite originating in Southern Australia they are suprisingly hardy and can be grown in a pot on a patio in sheltered areas of the UK.
Current Description
These fragrant tea tree bushes make a great gift for anyone interested in herbal medicines. Delivered just as pictured, these are a fast growing shrub and we expect them to double or triple in size over the coming months.
65cm tall in a 2L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Australian Tea Tree

This unusual tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is surprisingly hardy and will do well in a sunny spot in the garden.

These trees can live for decades and in the right spot can grow to a sizeable tree over 20 feet tall. Like most trees they don’t need a lot of pruning or care but pick a spot where they have room to grow and where they can be protected from hard frosts. As their name suggests they originate in Australia so, unless your garden is particularly sheltered, they will need to be moved into a cold greenhouse or room in the house in the winter months.

Whilst your plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Aim to water it heavily and then allow the top of the compost to dry out before watering heavily again. As soon as practical your Australian tea tree will benefit from being potted up in a much larger pot (or planted out if you don’t get frost in your garden). Add a top dressing of well rotted manure or other rich compost to help your plant settle in.

There fragrant leaves are prized for their fragrant oils and antiseptic properties.

Problem solving Your plant shouldn’t need much feeding but if you are keeping it in the small pot for a while or the leaves start to appear yellow then a good general purpose feed will always give it a good boost.

Australian tea trees are reasonably hardy but if we do have particularly cold spells (below freezing) then a fleece or heavy straw mulch will give your plant a bit more protection or alternatively you may consider moving it inside in the winter months. If some of the leaves do get damaged in frost just prune them off and your tree will put on new growth in the spring.

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