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White Azalea Flower White Azalea pyramid Red Festive azalea pyramid
White Azalea pyramid

Azalea Pyramid

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5 Stars
34 reviews
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These stunning azalea pyramids are a little bit different and will put on a wonderful display of beautiful bright blousy flowers, for several weeks, providing a pretty splash of colour during the dark months
Current Description
The azalea pyramids still have a good number of buds for a pretty display after arrival. Reduced as part of our winter sale, grab yourself an absolute bargain! Always popular, they are now only available in red.
60cm tall in a 3L pot
5 Stars 4.9/ 5 34 reviews
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Customer Image Customer Image
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Mrs Kathryn Wides, Jan 02
5 stars

Excellent plant, my Mum was really pleased!

Kay Norrington, Dec 28
5 stars

as already submitted

Lauren Hawkins, Dec 23
5 stars

Great job. Beautiful plant. Delivered on time. Receive consistent quality from this company

Rhonda Godwin, Jan 05
5 stars

A stunning plant in full flower. Perfect as a Christmas gift.

Customer Image
Janice Onuska, Dec 28
5 stars

I ordered this product from the USA, to send to 2 friends in England. They were very happy with their Azalea Pyramid and sent me photos. It was beautiful!

Nicola Hinton, Dec 27
5 stars

Yet again wonderful service and product. My mother loved her Christmas plant.

Gail Shaw, Dec 14
5 stars

Lovely, healthy beautiful Azalea Excellent service.

Ron Birch, Dec 03
5 stars

Amazing Plant perfect for Christmas - Recommended!

Mrs Browning, Feb 19
5 stars

Excellent - a lovely gift well received

Cat, Feb 05
5 stars

Absolutely stunning

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Azaleas

Azaleas are very popular houseplants because they provide fabulous flowers with very little effort. These Azaleas have been raised to live inside, keep them cool and damp and they will reward you with flowers for several weeks.

For best results place your plant near a window or skylight. Indirect light is best and the cooler the room is, the longer the flowers will last.

Azaleas are thirsty plants, the warmer the room, the more they will drink. Water thoroughly from the top several times a week and let the excess drain away. If you are going away on holiday, to be sure the plant does not dry out, stand it in a shallow saucer of water.

To keep your plant looking good, cut off dead flowers and brush off dead petals. Azaleas can be planted out in the garden once they have finished flowering and should settle in for a repeat performance next season. Azaleas do prefer an acidic soil but, if this is not possible in the ground, they can be potted into a large pot of ericaceous compost.

Drooping or flower drop is due to lack of water so give your plant a good drink and it will soon recover.