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Callicarpa plant in barrel Closeup of Callicarpa berries Callicarpa berries
Callicarpa plant in barrel


Awarded the RHS’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit these stunning Callicarpa or Beautyberry add a gorgeous splash of colour to the garden in the autumn and winter months. These deciduous plants can be grown in a container or planted in a border, but make sure they are somewhere you can easily see them so you can enjoy their striking purple berries!
Current Description
New for 2021, we're delighted to have these Callicarpa available this year. Their beautiful berries have turned a jewel-like purple and make a stunning display especially now the leaves have fallen away for winter.
60cm including a 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Native to Southeast Asia, these plants are sometimes known as a beauty berry for the stunning purple berries they produce in the autumn and winter. A variety called ‘Profusion’ it will fruit on its own it and has been awarded the RHS’s prestigious Award of Garden Merit. Pretty flowers in the summer and the jewel-like purple berries in the autumn and winter make these plants a superb addition to the garden.

Callicarpa are quite easy-going and are happy in either full sun or a partially shaded spot in the garden. You can plant them out in the garden immediately to establish themselves over the winter, or if you prefer, keep them outside in their pot this season and then plant out next spring. They like moist but well-drained, neutral to acidic soil.

Whilst in a pot, your Callicarpa will need regular watering especially if we are going through a dry spell. Other than that, they just need a light prune in the spring to reshape them, and they will benefit from mulch at the start of the growing season with a well-rotted compost or manure if you have it.

Problem Solving:

If summer foliage starts to yellow in it may be that the soil is too alkaline, try using a neutral to acidic soil instead. Otherwise Callicarpa are fairly resistant to disease and pests.