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Purple cambria orchid Cambria Orchid
Purple cambria orchid

Cambria Orchid

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These delicate hybrid orchids are a great gift for a plant enthusiast. Surprisingly easy to look after - water sparingly and keep in a warm moist room - kitchens or bathrooms are ideal.
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45cm high in a 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Cambria orchids are hybrid orchids and are bred to be particularly colourful and easy care houseplants. They like a nice warm home, not too close to a heater, but away from draughts. They are quite easy to look after if you understand their natural habitat, and will bring you joy for many, many weeks.

These are plants of the forest – they like some light, but don’t like to be scorched. Avoid a window sill where there is constant direct sunlight.

How often you need to water will depend on the room conditions. Typically, about half a teacup a week but make your own judgement by feeling the weight of the pot. Try feeling the weight when dry and when well-watered and then try and keep it half-way in between. A little bit of condensation on the inside of the clear plastic pot is also a good indication that your plant is not too dry. Water from the top and let the excess drain out through the lightweight compost. These orchids have aerial roots that were built to hang in the warm moist air of the swamp, so they will do well in kitchens and bathrooms.

The most common problem with orchids is overwatering, so keep them quite dry and never allow the roots to sit in water. Once your orchid has finally finished blooming cut the flower stems right back and find a nice out of the way spot with an even temperature for them to rest. With a bit of luck, they should flower again within a few months.

Hot tip – try putting a damp rag or sponge underneath the pot and within the pot holder. This keeps the roots moist while letting them breathe.