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Celosia Closeup of Celosia blooms Feathery Amaranth Celosia in green pail


These colourful Celosia or feathery amaranth are a great gift for a sunny patio or can even be planted out in the border. Best treated as an annual, they will provide stunning feathery plumes for several weeks but will be killed off by the first frosts.
Current Description
Now on special offer, was £30 now £20. Looking stunning, these Celosia are an instant colour injection for the garden or can be indoors so long as it is in a cool bright room. They are the lovely deep pink/purple variety with loads of blooms as pictured..
45cm tall including the 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These striking looking plants are actually surprisingly easy going and their fluffy flower heads will look good for weeks on end. Also known as feathery amaranth, their flowers will slowly fade to a fluffy seed head.

Grow them in a pot on a patio or in a border and they will bring a bright splash of colour. Probably best kept outdoors and treated as an annual it is possible to grow these plants indoors in a cool room too. Just make sure that when it’s indoors your plant is well away from any radiators and that you keep up the watering if the room is warm.

In the garden they will die back in the winter but will often self sow in the same spot for next year or you can collect the seeds in a paper envelope and save them to sow in the garden in the spring.

Problem solving

Celosia are pretty easy going but do try and keep the soil damp if it is in a pot.