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dark pink schlumbergia Christmas Cactus Red Christmas Cactus by their nature have droopy stems Schlumbergia christmas cactus flowers Christmas cactus bursting into bloom
Christmas Cactus Red

Flowering Cactus

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25 reviews
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This flowering Christmas cactus or schlumbergera, is a great easy care houseplant and will flower for weeks and weeks in a cool room.

Current Description
These substantial and very attractive plants have finished flowering now, but they are now starting to put on lots of lovely new growth.
35cm high in a 2L pot
4.5 Stars 4.7/ 5 25 reviews
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Customer Image
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Alison Baker, Dec 27
5 stars

Recipient - an experienced gardener - was very happy with this plant, said there were many flowers.

Rosina Reynolds, Dec 22
5 stars

Ordered from California sent to relatives in England. Happily received and hold it looks lovely

Penelope Palmer, Dec 29
5 stars

Great appearance.

asdf ;lkj, Dec 22
5 stars

Healthy and attractive plant. Even better than described.

Lisa, Dec 17
5 stars

Great products. I’ve had many plants from here and never disappointed! This is the third Christmas cactus I’ve had for gifts as I love mine so much

Amanda, Dec 16
5 stars

Beautiful plant and great service

Mrs Helen Kimball-Brooke, Dec 14
5 stars

Gorgeous Christmas cactus with buds, ready to burst into flower. The plant is a good size and a lovely Christmas gift.

Customer Image
Mazwells, Nov 30
5 stars

Great product, great service

Hayley Morgan, Jan 16
5 stars

Great service and quality plants

Valerie, Dec 25
5 stars

The recipient was very pleased with gift

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This flowering Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) is grown for the flamboyant flowers which emerge from the end of the leaves. These blooms should last several weeks and with a little care will treat you with another show next year.

Naturally these plants grow in a jungle attached to the trees. An ideal position would be well-lit yet out of direct sunlight with a humid atmosphere. You could add humidity by placing your plant on gravel-filled saucers keeping the water level in the saucer lower than the gravel, you do not want to get the soil water logged.

While flowering the plant will thrive in a cool sunny room. Try and keep the temperature steady. The cooler the room, the longer the blooms will last. Just after flowering the plant will rest, place your plant in a cooler darker room until early March, and reduce the watering. In late March your plant will start to put on new growth, it will need to be moved back into a spot just out of direct light and the watering will increase.

Although it is called a cactus it does need regular watering while flowering but like all cacti do not allow the pot to stand in water.

If you want to encourage your plant to grow and flower next year it is a good idea to repot your plant in free draining compost at the beginning of the growing season (April until September), only go just a couple of centimetres larger as they like their roots quite pot bound. Feed once a month with a balanced general-purpose feed through the growing season. With the right care these plants can last for years and years.

Problem Solving:

If your cactus starts to look sorry for itself and/or the leaves start to droop, try switching to rainwater for watering and misting the leaves every few days to help it recover.

More Information

Christmas Cactus

Scientific Name:Schlumbergia

Nick named Christmas cactus for their propensity to flower in the run up to christmas