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Coffee Plant             Large coffee plant Coffea arabica
Large coffee plant

Coffee Plant

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21 reviews
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Although you are unlikely to get a heavy crop in this country, this Coffee arabica plant is the same variety from which we get coffee beans and in a warm spot they will eventually produce their distinctive berries.
Current Description
We haven't been able to get hold of coffee plants for a number of years due to import restrictions, and so we're very happy indeed to have these British grown coffee plants available at last. Looking fantastic and bushy, just as pictured, these plants make a great gift for a coffee lover or anyone who likes something a little bit different.
Approx 40cm tall in a 1.5L pot
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5 Stars 4.9/ 5 21 reviews
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Chloe, Jul 05
5 stars

Lovely coffee plant, well packaged, very shiny leaves and lots of plant and plant care info provided.

Denise Glanville, Jul 01
5 stars

Healthy plant and lovely pot. Thank you

Hilary Graham, Jun 27
5 stars

Exactly as described... Wonderful plant

c bowers, Jun 26
5 stars

its a bit small for the price but the nice pot makes up for it.

Jane Brooks, Jun 13
5 stars

Very nice quality plant. Good size and very healthy, well packaged and fun too

DP, Jun 12
5 stars

A beautiful and unusual gift

Customer Image
Margaret Cavanagh, May 19
5 stars

Nice plant, looks lovely.

customer, May 12
5 stars

This was a well received birthday present to a friend. She was thrilled. The leaves were lovely and glossy and she looks forward to seeing the berries grow.

Barbara Nicholas, Apr 22
5 stars

Very pleased and service excellent, even in these difficult times

S Wray, Apr 18
5 stars

Novel and most suitable pressie for my dad (who never wants anything). Although, due Covid-19 emergency, I haven't seen it personally he says it arrived in good spirits and continues to thrive with a window view. The colour is good and it adds nicely to the décor. While the aroma isn't particular at present its only a young one and will undoubtedly grow stronger.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Coffee plants or coffea arabica is easy to grow indoors, makes a very attractive houseplant and under the right conditions may even reward you with flowers and berries eventually.

Choose a spot where your coffee plant will get some natural but not direct sunlight. A desk or table away from the window is ideal. Coffee plants originate in the tropics and will do best indoors in a warm room year round. If the temperature drops below 5C your plant will start to suffer.

In a warm room, coffee plants will need regular watering, 2 or 3 times a week. If you are going away for a few days you can stand your plant in a shallow saucer of water to keep the soil moist. A liquid feed added to the water every few waterings will also help your plant to grow.

In the tropics coffee plants can grow to six-foot and produce two to four pounds of coffee a year. To achieve this in the UK you will need to repot your plant regularly using a rich acid soil. These plants are approximately 1 year old and would normally start to flower in their third or fourth year producing the characteristic red berries that can be harvested, pulped, fermented, dried and roasted. Alternatively you can just enjoy them for their glossy leaves and novelty value!

Coffee plants are generally very robust plants but they are quite hungry feeders. If the new foliage comes through pale or mottled then it is lacking in nutrients, you can combat this with a good houseplant feed or by repotting your plant into a larger pot with fresh compost. Black tips to the leaves are usually an indication that your plant has got too cold or the leaves have been scorched so try a warmer spot out of direct sunlight. If you neglect the watering you may find some of the leaves shrivel and dry out. In both cases remove the damaged foliage at the stem and return to a regular watering routine and your plant should soon start to recover.

More Information

Coffee Plant

Scientific Name:Coffea arabica

Small white flowers

Round red berries

Coffee plants do best in wet tropical conditions.


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