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Coreopsis Coreopsis flower Coreopsis in yellow pail Coreopsis plant from above


These pretty garden plants will look great in a pot on a patio or planted out in the garden.
Current Description
New for 2020 these cheerful Coreopsis plants are a variety called 'early sunrise' and bring a splash of sunshine yellow to an autumn garden. Delivered with plenty of colourful blooms and more buds to come.
50cm tall in a 2L Pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These lovely Coreopsis grandiflora Early sunrise will flower from late spring to late summer with very little care. They are hardy perennial plants that will need deadheading to prolong the flowering time. They are best grown in the borders of your garden or can be grown in a container on the patio.

You probably can allow the rain to do most of your watering but try to make sure the soil is kept damp in hot weather and that your Coreopsis does not sit in a puddle if it is very wet. They will do well in East West or South facing positions, in good draining soil.

If your plant is in the ground add a top dressing in spring to add extra nutrients, whilst in a pot and in flower your plant will do well with a general-purpose balanced feed once a month.

Problem Solving

Each individual flower is quite short lived but if you pinch out the spent flowers as they die off it will keep your plant looking tidy and encourage more blooms. If you have a nice, sunny or partially shady spot in the garden you might decide to plant it out. If you do, don’t be alarmed when the foliage dies off with the frost, just trim them back once dead and they will re-emerge in the Spring.