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Corydalis Corydalis Corydalis Corydalis Corydalis Corydalis


These shade loving perennials are frost hardy and long flowering and make a great gift for any garden.
Current Description
These delicate but striking Corydalis make a beautiful addition to any spring garden, great for a keen gardener. Fresh in for the new season and delivered just as pictured with several striking blue flowers and many more buds to come.
30cm in 2L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

LLooking after your Corydalis

This pretty blue Corydalis (Corydalis flexuosa) likes a shady spot in the garden and will provide delicate pale blue blooms from early spring to early summer. Can be grow in a pot on a patio or planted out in the garden and although they will naturally die back in the summer months they are completely frost hardy.

Whilst your Corydalis is in a pot, it will need regular watering, especially if in a warm spot. However, the compost does not need to be wet, just slightly damp and if you are going to be away for a few days it’s fine to leave it in a shallow saucer of water short term.

As your plant puts on growth it can be re potted in a larger pot with a general-purpose compost or it can be planted out in the garden where it will naturally spread producing a carpet of pretty blooms every spring.

Problem solving

These easy going perennials rarely suffer from pests or disease. Just ensure you keep it well watered in hot spells.