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Cranberry in spring Cranberry                Cranberry flowers Cranberry new foliage growth Cranberry
Cranberry in spring


Perfect for ground cover rockeries window boxes or patio containers. Cranberries are hardy and fast growing evergreen plants happiest in the garden.
Current Description
The cranberry bushes are looking really super and have grown loads - some even have a young green fruit or 2. Their lovely dark green foliage takes on a attractive red tinge in the winter months making them a fab and unusual gift for a gardener. They have been reduced in price to make way for new stock
15cm tall in a 1L pot.
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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Cranberry bushes are really outdoor plants, but when they are young they make decorative pot plants in a cool room. Outdoors their fast low growing evergreen foliage makes them suitable for rock and herb gardens as well as patio containers and window boxes.

While the plant is indoors, keep it as cool as you can and make sure there is plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight. An East or West facing window is ideal.

Keep your Cranberry plant well watered, ideally with rain water - The compost should feel wet to touch.

To encourage healthy growth your plant can be re-potted in the spring in a larger pot or outside in a sheltered spot. Cranberry plants like acid soil, so choose compost suitable for rhododendrons and heathers and other acid-loving plants.

If your plant seems to be suffering indoors and prone to leaf drop, try putting it outside for a few hours in the day. Older plants are very hardy but young plants should be protected from severe frost. Prune shoots back to encourage a bushy growth and to stop your plant getting leggy.

These cranberry plants are already 2 years old and we expect them to flower this summer and produce their first fruits in the Autumn.