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Crocosmia Crocosmia Crocosmia


A popular and easy going garden plant that will bring late summer colour to the garden borders or patio.
Current Description
NEW for 2018 these cheerful Crocosmia or 'coppertips' are looking really stunning this week - in full bloom just as pictured and available at this special introductory price for 1 week only.
70cm tall in a 2L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Crocosmia plants or Coppertips as they are sometimes known, are colourful garden plants that will produce dramatic flowers in late summer.

Whilst you can keep them indoors for a week or two to enjoy the flowers they are really best kept outdoors and planted out into a flower bed or into a larger pot as soon as you are able. Choose a spot where you can enjoy the late summer blooms and if your soil isn’t very free draining add some extra compost into the hole to give the roots a bit of help.

While your plant is in a small pot, they will need watering generously. Aim to keep the soil moist.

Pick off dead flowers and leaves to encourage growth and keep the plants looking good. Crocosmia plants are vigorous bulb plants and will come back up again year after year with a little care.

Problem solving

Crocosmia are pretty tough plants and will do well in a range of soils and positions, even north facing.

Over the winter they will naturally die back and should be allowed to rest completely ready for a larger repeat show next year.