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Gardenia Gardenia Bush Close up of a Gardenia flower

Gardenia Bush

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Our Gardenia bush plants are a lovely houseplant and their classic cream flowers will fill a room with their sweet scent. Best kept in a cool room out of direct sunlight these flowers will bloom for weeks on end in the right conditions. Grow your own Gardenia bush with this lush new addition to your home.
Current Description
The gardenia are looking as lovely as ever with at least 3 buds nestled in the glossy green foliage and are just starting to burst into bloom to reveal their classic cream flowers. Highly scented and available at a great price this week, these classic flowering houseplants will make a very welcome gift.
25cm high including 1L pot
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5 Stars 4.9/ 5 58 reviews
customer, Apr 02
5 stars

Beautiful plant with lots of buds! Very healthy and well transported!

John Oram, Mar 16
5 stars

Carefully packed and in excellent condition.

Mr Nicholas Harrison, Jan 08
5 stars

Bought as a present. Recipient was pleased with the in bud bush

Rosmarie Jones, Apr 10
5 stars

Apparently according to my friend it is very healthy and will be having buds and blooms shortly. Great!

Sarah Poulton, Apr 02
5 stars

Healthy plant arrived on time.

Sandhya, Mar 22
5 stars

Healthy plants, good packaging which can be recycled completely.

Gillian Morgan, Mar 11
5 stars

Recipient delighted, top quality plants as always

Mrs S Scrivens, Feb 11
5 stars

Perfect present for my sister’s birthday

Phil, Jan 20
5 stars

Bush bush bush

Mrs Helen Kimball-Brooke, Jan 18
5 stars

This was a lovely choice for a friend's birthday, to adorn her new office. The bush is a good size, the plant healthy and the aroma of the flowers uplifting.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Gardenia

Gardenias are very popular houseplants, treasured for their fragrant flowers. These Gardenias will do well indoors in a bright cool room out outdoors on a sheltered summer patio.

For best results place your Gardenia near a window or skylight or in an enclosed porch or conservatory. Indirect light is best and the cooler the room is, the longer the flowers will last. Gardenias can be quite sensitive to temperature, ideally you are aiming for 18-21˚C in the day time and 15-16˚C at night but as long you protect your plant from extreme summer heat and very cold temperatures it will reward you with evergreen foliage and heady scented blooms.

Gardenias are thirsty plants, the warmer the room, the more they will drink. Water thoroughly from the top several times a week and let the excess drain away. The compost should be damp to the touch at all times, if the weather is very warm or you are going to be away for a few days you can stand it in a shallow saucer of water although try not to do this too often as this could lead to root rot. Gardenias are acid lovers and will prefer rain to tap water, after a few weeks you may want to feed your plant using an ericaceous feed (i.e. a feed suitable for Rhododendrons or Azaleas would be fine).

Your Gardenia can be re-potted next spring if it needs it. Just make sure to use an ericaceous or acidic soil. To keep your plant looking good, remove any spent flowers to encourage new growth.

Problem solving.

Gardenias are tropical plants and do like a humid atmosphere and plenty of water. Drooping or flower drop is usually due to lack of water so give your plant a good drink.

Finally a build up of Chlorine can cause yellowing leaves, if this occurs, swap over to rainwater and your plant should soon recover.