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Giant White Amaryllis

These classic winter flowering bulbs are a really giant bulb bred to develop at least 3 or 4 towering stems. A great thank you gift, the dramatic white flowers will develop within a few weeks of arrival.
Current Description
These really are a top grade bulb and you won't be disappointed by their towering blooms. Delivered in tight bud as pictured, these bulbs will produce a dramatic display for several weeks after arrival and we're excited to have the very first batch just starting to bud already.
20cm tall in a 3L pot
Giant Amaryllis Giant white flowers Giant white amarylis in a brown biopot Giant White Amaryllis    Close up of white amarylis flower Giant amaryllis Giant White Amaryllis
Giant Amaryllis
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Amaryllis are tropical bulb plants similar to tulips but not frost hardy. From bud they will develop very quickly into large trumpet shaped flowers.

Once your plant is flowering it does not need a large amount of light and will be quite happy at normal indoor winter temperatures. The cooler the room the longer the blooms will last. Place your Amaryllis as a focal point in a room on an office desk or kitchen table. Make sure it is a heavy pot or well weighted down as sometimes they can become top heavy during flowering

Water regularly whilst blooming so that the soil remains moist but not wet.

Large bulbs may have more than one stem from each bulb typically producing four blooms within 2-3 days of each other. As the first blooms start to wither, cut them back, removing the green lump at the join to the stem and the thin stem connecting the bloom to the main stem

When all the blooms are spent from the main stem, cut the stem back to 2 inches from the bulb. With a bit of work your bulb can be cared for ready for a repeat show next year. In the spring and early summer encourage leaf growth with light and water, you might even give them a holiday outside. In late summer move the bulb to a dark room and allow the leaves to die back and the bulb to dry out. Then in October or November keep dark and warm and start watering again, once they begin to shoot again bring them into a warm light spot ready for a christmas display of blooms.

WARNING: Amaryllis pollen can stain fabrics, please protect upholstery from any contact with the pollen.

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Scientific Name:Amaryllis

Large trumpet shaped scarlet