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Heather is a tough low lying perennials associated with the moors of Scotland and Yorkshire but surprisingly enough it does well in a pot too. After flowering they are best planted outside either in a pot or a border in acidic or neutral soil (not chalky).
Current Description
These pretty pink heathers are fresh in for the new season and are looking lovely in full bloom as pictured. A great easy going autumn flowering plant they can go straight out on a patio or enjoyed for a few weeks in a cool room if preferred.
40cm tall in a 1L
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This hardy heather will do best outdoors either in a pot on a patio or in a sheltered spot in the ground.

Heather are easy going plants and will do well in anything from full sun to partial shade. Like most heathers it does prefer an acidic soil so if you have chalky soil best to keep it in a pot with ericaceous compost.

When in a small pot, young heathers will need some watering if we don’t have a lot of rain. They will benefit from occasional feeding either with a top dressing or mulch in the ground or a general purpose liquid feed if keeping in a pot.

Heathers have a long flowering season and will normally start in July and carry right through to the first frosts. They will benefit from a light prune in the spring, just to keep them bushy and to remove any damaged leaves and branches.

Problem Solving:

If your heather still isn’t flowering by Mid August and is starting to look a little ‘leggy’ it may need a sunnier spot, try to choose somewhere it gets sunshine at least some of the day.

Crisp or brown leaves - are the result of underwatering, give your plant a good soak and it will start to recover.