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The classic spring-flowering Hellebore bring delicate blooms to brighten the garden at the start of the year. A great gift, these Hellebores can be enjoyed indoors or out whilst in flower and then planted out in the garden so that they can continue flowering each year.
Current Description
We've had some really gorgeous late flowering hellebores arrive this week. Really superb and bushy plants, get them whilst they are at their best.
35cm+ high in a 1.5L deep pot
Hellebore Cinnamon Snow Hellebore Helleborus Bud Hellebore                Hellebore Cinnamon Snow Hellebore                Hellebore
Hellebore Cinnamon Snow
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Hellebores are also known as ‘The Christmas Rose’ as they flower around Christmas. This variety will do best outdoors either in a pot on a doorstep or patio or planted directly in the ground.

Choose a spot out of direct sunlight where you can enjoy the winter flowers. You will probably find our winter rain provides plenty of water but if we do have a dry spell give your hellebore a drink – you are aiming to keep the soil damp at all times.

After flowering your Hellebore can be repotted in a larger pot with suitable compost, and put outside on a patio or balcony or it can be planted out in the garden. Hellebores like semi shade and a damp but well drained spot and often work well in the shade of larger shrubs or trees. Over time your hellebore can grow into a sizeable bush producing pretty white flowers in the depths of winter. Once established they are very hardy and will continue to flower even when snow is on the ground.

Old foliage and spent flowers should be removed to keep the plant healthy, especially indoors and in a pot. Don"t be surprised if your plant doesn"t look too bushy in the summer months when it is resting - it will soon come back with more growth and flowers next autumn