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Order by 3pm on Friday for delivery in time for Father's Day or choose your preferred delivery date on the order form.
FREE WEEKDAY and SATURDAY DELIVERY on orders over £50.

Need some help?

A step-by-step guide to complete our order form. Please note that if you are sending more than one plant to more than one address you will need to place a seperate order for each address. For all other queries please scroll down to the relevant section for answers to frequently asked questions.

We have tried to make the order form as easy to follow as possible. To place an order please fill in the boxes from 1 - 4, check all the details are right (including your card message) in the 'order review' section and then when you are happy, press 'The Place Order Now' button to confirm your order. If you do run in to any problems we hope the details below will help - just scroll down to read help on the relevant section.

Sign in

If you have ordered from us before, our order form will recognise your email address and will offer you the chance to sign in. You don't have to do this and are welcome to check out as a guest but if you do choose to log in you will be able to see all the addresses you have sent to before and your own details will automatically be pulled into the relevant fields on the order form.

If you have ordered from us before but have forgotten your password you can request a password resend - just follow the links.

If you have ordered from us before but did not set up a password it will be easiest to place your order as a 'guest' but once you have placed your order you will have the chance to create a password and account making it much quicker next time.

If it's your first time on our site you will not be offered this option on the order form and there is no need to login but you will have the chance to set up an account and a password at the end of your order.

It's easiest to fill the fields in, from the top left and work down and then across. To select any particular field click inside the outlined boxes with your mouse and you will see the cursor in the relevant box. You can also use a tab key on ordinary keyboard to navigate around the order form.

1) Your email address.

We do need your email address in order to send you a confirmation receipt. We will use your email address to send your order confirmation, your delivery tracking information and to gain feedback on our service.

If you sign up to an account we will also send you top plant tips and occasional special offers in our monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time and we will never share your personal information or email address with anyone else. If you do not have an email or if you would rather not give us your email address then please give us a call on 01825 721162 in normal office hours and we can always take your order over the phone. Alternatively you can use the dummy email address [email protected] in this field.

If you have used our service before, when you enter your email address the message underneath the field will change to say 'You already have an account with us. Sign in or continue as guest.' If you choose to login it will make things quicker for you as your details will be pulled in to the right fields automatically and you will have access to any addresses you have sent to previously. However if you prefer you can continue without logging in. If you don't know your password or you are not sure you set up a password, you can request a new password by email. Alternatively you can continue as a guest and set up a new password at the end of your order.

2) Who are you sending this to?

This is for the address label. If you are logged in you will see a list of addresses that you have sent to previously. You can select one of these or enter a new address by clicking on the box at the bottom.

You don't need to include a telephone number but if you do it should be a number the couriers can use about delivery queries. If you are sending plants to yourself this will be your own phone number. If you are sending plants to someone else you can include their number if it's appropriate. Please do be assured that we are small family business and we never share any personal information or phone numbers with anyone else.

Address lookupIf you enter either the first line of the address or the postcode our postcode look up will suggest addresses for you to choose from. This look up system is linked to Royal Mail so shows the full correct address according to the post office and is updated regularly. If you prefer to type your address in long hand that is fine too.

Don't know your postcode or all of your address? If you type just the first line of the address in the right field our postcode lookup will usually be able to find several options for you to choose from.

We can deliver to most UK postcode but not to Europe or the Republic of Ireland (at the moment!)

If you are still stuck then please do give us a call on 01825 721162 during office hours

3) Delivery options

All our plants are sent carefully gift wrapped and boxed so they reach you in tip top condition. You can also choose the date and the delivery method we use to send your plants.

The default delivery date showing will be the next available delivery date for this plant. To change this just click on the date or the calendar and select your preferred delivery date from the dates available.

The default delivery method will now be the method that we would normally recommend for this date, plant size and delivery postcode. However if you click the drop down menu you can change this to any of our other services.

The different delivery options explained

"DPD Local: Courier delivery £6.00" will normally be the default delivery service and will show at the top of the list at £6. If you are sending as a gift for delivery on a weekday and the delivery date is important then we recommend you choose this service. This is a tracked overnight service means your plants arrive either next day or on the day you specify and spend minimum time in transit. This weekday service costs £6 to England, Wales, and the south of Scotland.

Our cheapest delivery is "Royal Mail : 24hr/ 1st Class post - £4.50" which is basically 1st class post. This often arrives within 24hrs but it is not guaranteed. Royal mail do provide delivery confirmations on this service but you won't get tracking updates only confirmation of arrival. (Please note this service is currently suspended (Feb 2022) but we do intend to reintroduce this economy option when things hopefully settle down later in the year.

"Royal Mail: Tracked Service- £6.95" is a priority service and as with the couriers you will be send tracking information so you can view the progress of your order. This will show as the default delivery for some of our more fragile items like planters, as Royal Mail tend to handle parcels with the most care. This is also the best option for rural addresses that might be hard to find or remote areas of the UK where courier services can be expensive. Please be aware that Royal Mail are not able to handle larger plants or multiple boxes so this service will not be available for plants over 60cm tall and you will be offered a £10 "Royal Mail: Tracked Service - Multibox" option if you have more than one plant in your basket.

Need a weekend delivery? Royal Mail 24hr or Tracked Next Day is the cheapest choice for Saturday or for the remoter areas. However, please be aware that Royal Mail will not be offered as an option for larger plants (over 60cm tall) and the multibox options costs £10. For larger parcels on Saturdays or for Sunday deliveries our Weekend courier service starts from £11.

Our tracked deliveries do not require a signature and you can specify exactly where you would like the parcel left by typing over the default text underneath the delivery method.

For more help on which is the best delivery method or if the delivery options box is greyed out and does not show a delivery date then please see our ‘delivery help’ page or give us a call on 01825 721162.

4) Your Payment Details

You can now choose to pay by either Opayo with a credit or debit card (the default and a very secure payment provider) or by Paypal using your stored payment details.

If you are sending the plant to yourself don't forget to tick the box 'My billing address is the same as the delivery address' to copy your delivery address to the billing address. If your delivery address is not your own address you will need to fill in at least the first line, town and postcode of your own address.

Telephone number - ideally this should be your mobile number and then we will send you tracking information and delivery updates in real time by text. You can include a landline here if you prefer or if appropriate the mobile number of the recipient so that they receive tracking information. We do suggest that you include a contact number even if it is outside the UK but if you would really rather not you can use our phone number in this box.

Order Review

The grey box on the right hand side of the screen summarises the details of your order. Please check this carefully.

You can use either the edit and remove links next to the images on the order review or the grey button at the bottom of the page to 'Amend order'

You can also add or edit your card message if you need to using the 'Amend order' button, the 'edit' link or by clicking on the writing symbol in the order review for the appropriate gift.

If you have a promotional voucher or a gift voucher you can add this under the order total and click the 'Apply' button to deduct this from the order total.

Place Order Now

When you are happy with all the details of your order then you just need to press the 'Place Order' button to process the order and the payment. You should now see an order confirmation and order number on the screen.

We now have the details of your order and have been able to successfully process payment against your card details. We will send you a copy of this order confirmation by email.

Not seeing an order confirmation screen?

You must fill in all the fields with red stars to proceed - please check if any of these fields are missing data.

If you get a payment failure message or a red message along the top of the order form, please double check your card details including security number and expiry date. We use a well recognised and secure payment provider called Opayo. Your card details are processed by Opayo and we don't have access to your personal payment details at any time. Because security is so important, your data will be encrypted and you may sometimes be asked for additional security passwords. We don't have access to these or to your private bank details. Sometimes an online payment can fail due to random security checks at your bank or due to your spending being classed as 'unusual' by your card providers security algorithm. If you are still having trouble please contact your bank or card issuer or try another card.

Frozen screen? Sometimes on an old computer, on a phone or on a slow internet connection the order processing can 'stall'. If you have not received an order confirmation on screen then we have not received your order. It will usually process eventually but if you are not sure what is happening then please do give us a call on the number at the top of the screen.