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Forget me not


Going away or moving house? Forget me nots make great token gifts for friends and family and can be planted out in the garden where they will self seed and come back up year after year.
Current Description
We're delighted to have a fresh home grown batch of forget me nots now looking stunning just as pictured in traditional blue but also pretty pink and white. Please do choose your favourite from the drop down menu.
30cm+ tall in a 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Your forget-me-nots will do best in a sunny spot on a patio, windowsill or planted out in a sheltered spot in the garden. You can keep them in a pot or plant them out into your borders it’s completely up to you.

In hot spells and particularly in the pot make sure your plants are kept well watered and that the soil does not dry out. These plants have recently been repotted and each pot contains slow release fertiliser to keep the leaves healthy and the flowers blooming.

Snip off the spent flowers to encourage your plant to keep flowering in the pot or alternatively as the flowers start to come towards their end, plant your forget-me-not in the garden and the seeds will self sow producing lots of pretty plants next year.

Problem solving

Forget-me-nots are pretty easy going but watch out for mould and aphids if keeping indoors.