Japanese Quince

These pretty Japanese quince are renowned for their delicate winter flowers. These hardy shrubs will provide a splash of in the depths of winter and come back for a repeat performance year after year.
Current Description
We're delighted to have these lovely garden plants back in the for the new season. Our Japanese Quince are looking quite autumnal this week, just starting to lose their leaves but still in flower and some even have the odd fruit! This weeks plants are available in a deep red variety called 'Crimson and Gold', a delicate off white called 'Jet Trail' and a pretty 'Pink Lady' please do select your preference below.
70cm tall in a 2L pot
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Japanese Quince          Japanese Quince          Japanese Quince          Japanese Quince Geisha Girl Japanese Quince Japanese Quince          Japanese Quince          Chaenomeles Japanese Quince
Japanese Quince Geisha Girl
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These pretty flowering shrubs (Chaenomeles × superb) are prized for their pretty cup like flowers that brighten the dead of winter. They are low growing deciduous plants but completely hardy so most at home in the garden.

You can keep it in the pot for the first year if you prefer or plant it out any time the ground is not actually frozen. Dig a nice big hole when you do this and as you would do with any new planting add some rich compost to the hole to get it settled in. Keep well watered, whilst it is establishing or whilst in a pot and plant in full sun or part shade.

The fruits of the quince are edible but they are really grown for the flowers. The fruit can be used for jellies and preserves though in the same way you might use a crab apple.

More Information

Japanese Quince

Scientific Name:Chaenomeles Î superba "Pink Lady"

A choice winter-flowering plant with the RHS award of merit

.Lovely pink cup-shaped flowers emerge before the leaves from December to February

Small edible quinces follow the flowers

This is an easy garden shrub or climber but will prefer a little shelter so it is at its very best against a warm wall


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