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Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw
Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

These beautiful Calathea crocata 'Tasmania orange' are very eye-catching plants with brightly coloured flowers and green and purple foliage. Originally found growing in jungles in Brazil and central and southern America they do well as a houseplant in the UK.

Current Description
These Kangaroo Paws or Eternal Flame plants are looking very striking at the moment with at least four or five bright orange flowers above beautiful multi-coloured purple and green foliage - just as pictured. Available for a limited time only - snap these babies up whilst they are at their best.
45cm+ tall including the 1 litre pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Kangaroo paw

This stunning Kangaroo paw or Eternal flame plants (Calathea crocata 'Tassmania orange') make a very easy-going house plant and will produce a stunning display on a sunny windowsill.

Originating in the warm tropical regions of south America they will appreciate a warm and sunny windowsill and also a bit of extra humidity, so kitchens or bathrooms work well or alternatively a saucer of water near your plant will raise the humidity around the plant as the water evaporates.

Kangaroo Paws are not particularly thirsty plants so don’t let your plant stand in water but aim to keep the top of the soil damp, particularly when in flower. You might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food to help it grow and to keep the leaves nice and fresh.

As the plant grows it can be re-potted in a larger pot in the spring. Choose rich compost and a pot just a couple of inches bigger than the original.

Problem solving: Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving you plant a good misting and water more regularly.

More Information

Calathea crocata 'Tassmania orange - Kangaroo Paw