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Large Tea Plant Large Tea Plant          Large Tea Plant          Large Tea Plant          Large Tea Plant          Large Tea Plant
Large Tea Plant

Large Tea Plant

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10 reviews
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Green, Black, White, Earl Grey and even builders tea all come from the same basic Camellia Sinensis plants the difference is how you process the leaves and now you can have a go at growing and brewing your own tea at home.
Current Description
These older versions of our tea plants have grown on nicely over the last few months and will make a great gift for a tea lover.
55cm+ tall including a 5L Pot
5 Stars 5/ 5 10 reviews
Pippa, Dec 08
5 stars

Stunning plant. Thank you x

Paul Goodhall, Jul 31
5 stars

I was delighted with my large tea plant I keep it in its pot in my greenhouse I live in Elgin Moray Scotland

Sam Johnson, Jul 27
5 stars

Brilliant value for money.

Jane Clark, May 03
5 stars


Satisfied customer., Apr 30
5 stars

A long promised present to myself. Healthy, a good size and doing very well on my patio, with new growth after only a fortnight. The leaves are a lovely glossy dark green, and it looks very smart in its pail (I went with the vintage bucket). Give it a few years and I'll be launching my own tea company, look out PG! It's a bit too soon to harvest it (you should wait a year or two, really, but you can obviously make tea out of the prunings if you're training it!), but I did pinch off a couple of leaves to make a pot of fresh white tea, and it was delicious! I just have to restrain myself now, or it'll be totally denuded!

Tony Fitzgerald, Dec 27
5 stars

Exceptionally well presented, extremely healthy and well-packaged plant!

Kate, Aug 09
5 stars

An unusual plant but perfect for the recipient of my gift. The website was clear about conditions for growing which helped me make a choice. Also there were a variety of sizes at different prices which was useful.

Gordon, May 25
5 stars

I ordered the tea plant which arrived on time and in good condition. Packed very well for transit. I am very pleased with both the plant and the service.

Oban customer, May 24
5 stars

Speedy service to west coast of Scotland. Healthy plant. Well packaged,

Lucy Ward, Apr 11
5 stars

Nice healthy plant, good delivery

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Tea plants are members of the Camellia family and are really outdoor plants, but when they are young they make decorative pot plants in a cool room. Tea plants are quite slow growing, but eventually they can reach heights of 2 metres

While the plant is indoors, keep it as cool as you can and make sure there is plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight. An East or West facing window is ideal. Outdoors your plants will do well in pots on a sheltered patio or in a partially shaded spot. Tea plants are hardy but whilst young they should be protected from severe frosts particularly when in a pot.

Keep your Camellia Sinensis well watered, the compost should feel wet to touch at all times. As your plant grows it can be repotted in a larger pot or even in the ground. All Camellia's like acid soil, so choose compost suitable for rhododendrons and heathers and other acid-loving plants.

Tea plants produce small fragrant flowers in winter and dark glossy leaves year round.To develop a more bushy shape you may wish to pinch out the top few leaves every now and then.

Once you have a sizable bush the leaves can be harvested fresh to make green tea or dried to make traditional brown tea.