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Lollipop Birthday Wishes Rose Birthday Wishes Rose Topiary rose bush Birthday Wishes Rose Lollipop birthday wishes rose
Birthday Wishes Rose

Lollipop Rose Bush

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A stunning birthday gift, these standard roses will look gorgeous on a patio or balcony. Lovely and tall, they are substantial plants which would also look great by the front door. Long-flowering, they will provide a beautiful display of blooms all through the summer up until the first frosts of autumn.
Current Description
A variety called 'birthday wishes' the rose bushes are looking super again this week, and would make a fabulous birthday present. Grown in a standard shape, with a lovely head of foliaget these substantial plants would gorgeous on a doorstep or on a patio. Currently budding up for a pretty display in the weeks to come and right through to the autumn. The photos are to show the plant in full bloom, and so we'll add some of them in bud as soon as we can.
120cm tall in a 6L Pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These stunning lollipop rose bushes will thrive in a sheltered, sunny position outside and will add a lovely splash of colour with repeat flowering throughout the summer and autumn.

Your rose will do best outside in a sunny, sheltered spot either in a pot on a patio or planted out in the garden. If planting out, choose a sunny site with well-draining soil and water thoroughly before planting. Add some well-rotted manure or compost to the hole to help your rose settle in.

Whilst your plant is in its pot, water regularly, the soil should be slightly moist at all times. If the pot feels light, or you can see the compost shrinking away from the edges, then your plant needs more water. If planting out make sure to keep your rose well-watered whilst it is establishing. You can use a liquid feed while your plant is flowering, however this is not essential.

To encourage your plant to open more buds, deadhead regularly and trim back any withered shoots to keep it looking neat.

Problem Solving:

Roses like moist compost and so be careful not to allow your plant to dry out. In hot weather, a mulch is a good way to ensure the roots retain water.

Roses can be susceptible to aphids so keep an eye on your plant and try to catch and remove any bugs early. Soap and water, pest sprays and biological controls can all be used as a last resort.