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Orchid Terrarium Orchid Terrarium Mother's day orchid terrarium Orchid Terrarium Orchid Terrarium
Orchid Terrarium

Orchid Terrarium

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British grown and gorgeous white or pink hooped moth orchids Phalaenopsis are beautifully presented in a stylish glass terrarium. 

Current Description
Presented in a stylish glass terrarium and topped with moss, as pictured, these orchids will make a gorgeous and long lasting display. Available in a range of pretty pinks, white and purple. Please do make a note in the box below if you have a colour preference.
35cm tall in a 14cm diameter glass terrarium
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5 Stars 5/ 5 2 reviews
andrew jenner, Jan 02
5 stars

beatiful orchid , delivered efficiently and well packed

Archer Jones, Dec 15
5 stars

Nice pot, flowering well and little lights a nice touch to brighten up a winter room

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These are plants of the forest - they like some light, but don’t like to be scorched. Avoid a windowsill where there is constant direct sunlight. Although quite content in warm rooms, the cooler the room (within reason) the longer the flowers will last.

These orchids have aerial roots that were built to hang in the warm moist air of the swamp and so it is important to get the watering right. If over watered the roots will be standing in the excess, and this will cause them to suffocate and the plant will die.

How often you need to water will depend on the room conditions – how light and warm it is. Typically, about 2 tablespoons of water once week should be sufficient, but make your own judgement, by checking the weight of the pot when both well-watered and dry and then try and keep it half-way in between. Another tip is that when your orchid is sufficiently watered the leaves will fill stiffer. Conversely if in need of water, the leaves will feel softer.

Once your orchid has finally finished blooming cut the flower stems right back and find a nice out of the way spot with an even temperature for them to rest. With a bit of luck, they can flower again next year.

Problem solving:

Top tip - try putting a damp rag or sponge underneath the pot and within the pot-holder. This keeps the roots moist whilst still letting them breathe.

If you notice any wrinkling or rolled leaves, the plant is dehydrated and needs watering as soon as possible.