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Ornamental cherry blossom close up bursting into spring bloom Kojo No Mai Cherry Blossom Close up of ornamental cherry flowers
bursting into spring bloom

Ornamental Cherry

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11 reviews
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This ornamental cherry tree (Prunus incisa 'Kojo No Mai') is a lovely compact flowering cherry variety. These trees make a great feature in a lawn or at the front of the house and should be planted out within a few months of arrival.
Current Description
Their attractive leaves and shape makes these ornamental cherries a great gift for the garden at any time of year. They are looking gorgeous this week, covered in buds which are just starting to burst into bloom. A real sign that spring is on its way!
65cmtall in a 3L pot
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5 Stars 4.8/ 5 11 reviews
Thomas Walmsley, Mar 26
5 stars

All good!!

ingrid aitken, Mar 25
5 stars

Bought as a present

Dani, Mar 14
5 stars

This was a house moving gift for my daughter. I ordered a green pail to be added to the order. It was a lovely gift and it’s already flowering

Hannah McWhirter, Feb 23
5 stars

Looking forward to the flowers

Penny Shearer, Feb 21
5 stars

Great birthday present

Mrs mitchell, Feb 10
5 stars

Great present for someone, on the advice of Plants4Presents

Caroline, Apr 05
5 stars

Recipient was absolutely delighted with this gift.

Stephanie, Apr 03
5 stars

Beautiful tree, really happy with the quality. Made a very special gift.

Maxine Sugars, Mar 01
5 stars

Great plant full of buds and already starting to flower

Elaine, Mar 18
4 stars

Plant was healthy though a bit sqashed in shape. Arrived on time.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This Ornamental Cherry tree is a variety called prunus “Kojo No Mai” and is a lovely compact flowering shrub which will make a great feature in any garden. They have pretty spring flowers, and fiery red and orange foliage in the Autumn.

Long term your tree will do best planted out in the garden or, if you would prefer, can be potted up into a larger container and kept on a patio.

Your Ornamental Cherry will flower best in full sun and so choose a sunny, well drained spot in the garden where you will be able to enjoy the spring blooms.

For best results when planting out, dig a large hole and firm your tree in with manure, seaweed or any other rich compost. A wooden stake is also a good idea to help your tree grow tall and straight. Once planted out, keep your plant well-watered whilst it is establishing and then water as necessary, aim to keep the soil moist in particularly warm weather.

Problem solving:

Ornamental Cherry trees are hardy plants that should establish themselves quickly once planted out.

However, underwatering, extremes of temperature and shock can all be the cause of leaf drop. If you notice your plant suffering, check that the soil is not drying out too much between waterings and consider moving to a sunnier position sheltered from cold winds.

If keeping your tree in a pot be especially careful not to allow it to dry out in the spring/summer.

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