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Ornamental Cherry        Flowering Cherry Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry, full of young flower buds. Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry        Ornamental Cherry
Flowering Cherry

Ornamental Cherry

This ornamental cherry tree is a variety called prunus "Kojo No Mai" and are a lovely compact white flowering cherry tree. They make a great feature in a lawn or at the front of the house and should be planted out within a few months of arrival.
Current Description
Fresh in for the new season these flowering cherries are absolutely covered in buds and will start to put on delicate off-white flowers over the coming weeks. Great gifts for the garden, these small trees will bring pleasure year after year.
65cm+ tall in a 4L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Ornamental Cherry Tree

These Ornamental Cherry Trees are a version of the famous koko-no-mai, flowering cherry, and are prized in Japan to mark the start of spring. This dwarf ornamental cherry with zig zag branches will eventually grow into a beautiful ornamental shrub up to approximately 2.5 meters tall. They have pretty spring flowers, and fiery reds and orange foliage in Autumn so will make a great feature in any garden.

Choose a sunny well drained spot where you will be able to enjoy the spring blooms.

These hardy trees have just been re-potted so will be fine in their plastic pot but they will eventually do best either in a really large pot on a patio or in the ground, just remember to water through the summer if keeping in a pot.

For best results when planting out, dig a large hole and firm your tree in with manure, seaweed or any other rich compost. A wooden stake is also a good idea to help your tree grow tall and straight.

Problem Solving

Underwatering, extremes of temperature and shock can all be the cause of leaf drop. These are hardy trees and are definitely best outside but once planted out they should establish themselves quickly.