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Peperomia or Chinese money plant Peperomia in gold pot Peperomia plant
Peperomia in gold pot

Peperomia plant

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There are hundreds of varieties of peperomia, this one is also sometimes known as the Chinese money plant. Being succulent, they are very forgiving and easy to look after, as well as being a wonderful way to add some calming greenery to a bright windowsill.

Current Description
Great for offices and homes alike, one of these cute peperomia plants would make a super thank you gift. Being so easy to look after, they are a perfect way to introduce someone to the joys of house plants.
18cm tall including 1L pot
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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

There are hundreds of varieties of peperomia, and this one is a peperomoides, sometimes known as the Chinese money plant. Although originating from warmer climates, they make very easy-going house plants here in the UK.

Your plant will do best in a bright spot near a window or skylight but keep it out of strong direct sunlight. An east facing window is perfect. The plant will grow towards the light, and so it’s good to turn the plant from time to time so that it grows straight.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered regularly. As soon as the soil starts to feel dry, water thoroughly until it starts draining from the bottom of the plant pot. Wait for the excess water to drain and empty the saucer as the plant must not stand in water.

To encourage healthy new growth, your plant would benefit from a feed every month during the spring and summer. An ordinary houseplant food is perfect but use at half strength to prevent root burn.

Your plant will be very happy in its current pot for some time. If you spot roots appearing from the bottom of the pot, then it would be good to move it into larger one. It can wait until spring or summer to do this and chose a good quality container compost and just go up one pot size at a time. These plants will stay evergreen all year round.

Problem solving:

Peperomia are very tolerant and will let you know in good time if they are suffering. If your plant starts to wilt, give it a good water and in future water as soon as the soil feels dry.

If well watered, the plant can also start wilting if it isn’t getting enough light. Try moving it to a brighter location, and keep it away from radiators, heating vents, fans - anything that will make a draft, as this can cause the peperomia plant to drop its leaves.