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Grapevine Gifts

Grapevines are suprisingly easy to grow in the UK and will thrive outside all year round.

All our vines are strong disease resistant varieties container grown at our Sussex nursery. Choose from some great hardy vine making varieties including Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay or sweet Chasselas Rose and seedless Lakemont grapes for the dessert table.

Spring is a great time to plant out grapevines, at this time of year their roots and leaves will fill out quickly, ready for a tasty harvest later in the year.

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Grapevines are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and warmer summers as well as the success of commercial vineyards has encouraged many more people to have a go at growing their own at home.

New disease resistant varieties help avoid the problems of powdery mildew and fruit rot and in a sunny position, you can get really good harvests even as far north as Scotland.

If you are buying for further north we would recommend the hardier varieties like Chardonnay or Johanniter vine or if you are looking for grapes for the table choose sweeter varieties and consider some additional frost protection. Although it's not essential in warmer summers, Phoenix and Chasselas Rose will all benefit from a cold frame or unheated greenhouse where the additional warmth will help sweeten the grapes even further.

We grow most of our grapevines here at our Sussex nursery from grafted cuttings supplied from a really fantastic French grower. They are strong 3 year old plants when they are delivered and we have several different batches throughout the year. Check each vine variety to see how they are looking and progressing through the seasons.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a big garden to grow a grapevine?

No, Grapevines look fantastic grown up wires on a wall or fence and provide a fresh leafy backdrop to any sized garden in the spring and summer months. We even have customers who have grown theirs up the side wall of their sunny balcony!

Are the grapes only suitable for making wine?

Many of the varieties of vine we sell produce grapes that can be eaten straight from the plant - delicious! The sunnier and warmer the position the juicier and sweeter the grape.

Can we add a bottle of wine to our vine gift?

Oh yes! We have a few gift options to suit different budgets, where you can also send a bottle of wine. You can find out more on our grapevine page. The sender and recipient must both be 18 or over though.