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St Patricks Day

Celebrate St Patricks Day with our lucky Irish Shamrock delivered to your door. Order now to reserve your plant and you can choose your delivery date on the order form including St Patrick's Day itself.
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What are shamrock plants?

Shamrocks are annual and perennial plants that are instantly recognisable for their ‘clover’ leaf shape and structure. Many plants are referred to as Shamrock but the true Shamrock associated with St Patrick’s Day is Trifolium dubium. Also known as lesser trefoil this relative of white clover grows abundantly in Ireland producing delicate yellow flowers in spring.

Why is the shamrock lucky in Ireland?

The patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick, originally arrived in Ireland from Roman Britain as a slave captured by pirates, but went on to convert to Christianity whilst he was held captive. Once freed, he set out to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity, and it’s said that he used shamrock to explain the holy trinity. The three leaves, he explained, represented God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

What is the significance of St Patrick's Day?

17th March is St Patrick’s Day, and marks the death of St Patrick. It’s traditionally been a feast celebration of Irish culture, with green becoming the adopted colour during the parades and festivals held on this day, and the shamrock remaining a symbol associated with it.

Why choose Plants4Presents?

You can always rely on us for seasonal plants here at Plants4Presents, which means that come St Patrick’s Day we have a healthy selection of shamrock plants available, to help you celebrate St Patrick’s day.

Our shamrocks are carefully packaged and sent super quick, so that they arrive at your door, or the door of your loved one, looking fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I keep my shamrock plant?

Shamrocks can look great as a centrepiece for your St Patricks day celebrations but long term they like a cool shady spot outside where they can get their roots down. Water them well after planting and until they’re established and whilst they are an annual plant they self sow easily and in the right spot will come back year after year.

When should I water a shamrock?

In a pot aim to keep the soil damp rather than wet. Once your plant is out in the garden, water well for the first few weeks until it’s established.

How long will a shamrock plant last?

Shamrock plants naturally die back at the end of the summer but in the right spot in the garden their yellow flowers will set seeds and come back from seed year after year.

Can shamrock’s have a fourth leaf?

No - unlike clovers, you won’t find a shamrock with a ‘lucky’ fourth leaf!

Should I trim a shamrock back?

You can prune a shamrock to keep it a nice shape and size, but you won’t need to deadhead it yourself - it will drop old blooms for you.

When will shamrocks be in stock?

As a seasonal plant, you can expect to see shamrocks available at Plants4Presents in early March for St Patricks Day. If you are looking for plants for an Irish wedding or other event then do give us some notice and we can usually grow a batch of plants to order for you.