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Raspberry Meeker Raspberry Bush Raspberry Bush
Raspberry Meeker

Raspberry Bush

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These vigorous raspberry plants are a fabulous variety called Meeker with delicious, sweet fruits and an exceptionally long fruiting season from mid June right through to September.

Current Description
We have two lovely Raspberry varieties to choose from this year. Both looking lovely and bushy with lots of fresh new foliage. The Meeker variety are slightly larger plants and are a good traditional autumn fruiting variety with the first signs of flower buds already developing. The 'Glen Coe' variety is a dark purple thornless raspberry that is particularly cold hardy - in fact it's born and bred in Scotland so a great choice for Northern gardens or for those who like to grow something a little different. Select your preferred variety from the drop down menu and we'll delivery gift wrapped and boxed on the day you choose.
50cm+ tall in a 3L pot
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Lis Manning, Dec 20
5 stars

Really health fresh looking plant

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This ‘Meeker’ raspberry bush has a long fruiting season producing very large juicy fruits with an outstanding flavour.

Upon arrival, your Meeker raspberry plant will do best planted out into the garden in a sunny, sheltered position using rich, well-draining soil. This variety reaches a height of 4 foot to 6 foot, with a similar spread, and so it will need a decent amount of space. You can plant it into a container if you wish but make sure that this is at least 2 foot in diameter and has drainage holes. As the the plant grows support it with canes.

Keep your Raspberry plant well-watered, especially if keeping it in a container. Aim to keep the soil moist. Your plant will also benefit from a feed with a general-purpose fertiliser every month or so throughout the growing season.

These Raspberry plants have a long fruiting season from mid-summer to autumn producing delicious, large juicy fruits with an outstanding flavour.

Prune your Meeker raspberry plant in early Spring before new growth begins, cutting the old canes as low to the ground as possible to encourage new stems to break from below the soil surface.

Problem solving:

These delicious raspberries are tempting to birds and other wildlife too and so you may need to net your plant during the growing season to protect ripening fruit.

Be careful not to let your plant dry out, plants kept in a container will need more regular watering, especially during hot, dry spells in the Summer.