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Rosemary Bush Rosemary Bush Rosemary plants for remembrance Rosemary Bush
Rosemary plants for remembrance

Rosemary Bush

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A classic herb, Rosemary is hardy, drought resistant and used to add delicious flavour to all kinds of dishes from Europe and the UK.
Current Description
We're delighted to have a fresh batch of these young rosemary bushes available again. Rosemary plants make a lovely gift for remembrance and with their fragrant branches also a great gifts for new homes or for chefs. Delivered as pictured as a young bush, these plants will grow on quickly over the summer months. Keep them in a pot on a patio or plant them out in a garden and they will grow on year after yeat.
25cm+ including a 1L pot
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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This Rosemary plant is an easy-going evergreen shrub with aromatic foliage which will be happiest outside in the garden. Popular for use in cooking, its leaves can be harvested all year round and either used fresh or dried and kept for later.

Your Rosemary plant will do best outside either kept in a container on a patio or planted out in a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden with well-draining soil.

If keeping in a pot, your rosemary will need regular watering. If you are going to be away for a few days or the weather is very warm, you can stand your plant in a tray or saucer of water. When planting out, add some compost to the hole to help your plant settle in and keep well-watered whilst it is establishing. Once settled, you can probably allow the rain to do your watering but try to make sure the soil is kept damp in hot weather.

During the growing season, your plant will benefit from a general-purpose plant feed every few waters.

Rosemary plants are evergreen and can be harvested all year round. When picking herbs for cooking, cut or pick stems cleanly from the tip and try to harvest evenly to preserve the neat shape of your bush. Soft new growth in the summer has the best flavour.

Problem solving:

Rosemary plants are generally very robust and need little care. Just ensure you keep them watered in hot weather and they will reward you with masses of tasty leaves for cooking and even edible blue flowers.