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Round Primrose Planter Heritage Primrose Close Up Primrose Planter from above Cream primrose planter Round Primrose Planter
Round Primrose Planter

Round Primrose Planter

Pretty heritage primroses fill these cute cream planters and make a great natural gift for a windowsill. Primroses are woodland plants so like a cool shady room. Aim to keep soil moist rather than soggy and they will continue to flower for many weeks.
Current Description
Looking gorgeous for the new season, these Sussex grown cream primulas are a great way to send a bit of spring cheer.
3 x plants in a 25cm diameter pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Primulas are woodland plants that come in a selection of shades - cream, pink and apricot - and will bring the colour of spring to a dark winter window sill..

They need some light, but you should avoid too much direct sunlight which will scorch the young leaves. A north, west or east facing windowsill is ideal, not too close to the glass and away from any radiators

You will need to water regularly especially if in a warm spot. . In a warm room you may need to water several times a week. Try to keep the compost damp - not dry and not soggy.

If your primroses are in pots they can be allowed to suck water up from underneath - just leave the plastic pots in a tray or sink with a couple of cms of water for a few minutes before returning to their planter. If your primroses are in a metal trough just water the soil regularily from the top, but don"t overwater or you will get a pool at the bottom which could drown the roots

Keep pinching out the flowers as they fade to encourage the young buds. When all the flowers are over why not plant out in the garden or a window box for next year?If the leaves or flowers start to droop, water thoroughly immediately and they should recover.