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Sloe Bush

Sloe bushes or blackthorns are native to this country and are super easy to establish, thriving in any garden. Plant amongst a hedge or on its own and within a couple of years you could be harvesting your very own sloe berries for jams and Sloe Gin.
Current Description
These are lovely strong bushes with plenty of growth this year, and some of the leaves maturing and taking on their summer appearance. Also available as part of our Sloe gin gift set with a tasty bottle of sloe gin and a miniature orange tree - see our main menu for more details. New photos coming soon.
45+cm tall in a 1L pot
Sloe Bush Sloe Bush                Sloe Bush Sloe Bush                Sloe Bush
Sloe Bush
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Sloe (also known as blackthorn) is a native hedgerow tree. It will reward you with spring flowers and autumn berries for many years to come. It will not grow too big, and do not need a lot of attention.

While you could keep the plant in a pot, it will grow better if you plant it out, and will not need watering except perhaps if there is a very dry summer in its first year. These are native trees and even when young are pretty hardy. They will do well in a range of soils and situations and are not too difficult.

It is a good idea to prune the plant into the shape suitable for your garden. You can leave as a large bush, or you can remove the lower branches so it becomes a little tree. Why not clip it back just before the flower buds open, and bring the prunings inside to open in a vase? The white flowers on the dark bare branches are one of the first signs of spring.

Sloe berries can be made into sloe gin, or you can make them into jam, or even leave them for the birds!

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