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Spring Planter Spring flowers in planter Spring flowers Closeup of daffodil Spring Planter Planter Viola Hyacinth Flower closeup Spring flowers in wooden planter Spring yellow planter
Spring Planter

Spring Planter

Freshly planted up at our Sussex nursery with hardy spring plants, these planters and make a great gift to brighten a doorstep or patio.
Current Description
Delivered with a bright mix of colours in bud and bloom in an attractive pale yellow wooden trough. This weeks planters include a selection from the following spring flowering plants:- tete a tete daffodils, primulas, dahlietta, dianthus, violas, anenomes, ranunculus, brachycombe, ivy, saxifrage and aubretia. Because we make these planters up fresh each week at the nursery the exact selection does vary but this weeks planters are looking great with a good mixture of colourful spring flowering plants that are just starting to bloom. Please do make a note below if you have any particular preferences on colours and we'll always do our best to follow this.
30cm high in a 30cm diameter planter
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Outdoor Planter

Your planter has been made up fresh at the nursery; please do not be alarmed if there is any loose soil, this can be gently firmed back in upon arrival.

Your planter is best kept either outside in a sheltered spot or in a cool room or porch.

The amount you need to water, will depend upon where you are keeping it and how often it rains. Try to keep the compost damp – not dry and not soggy. (Please be careful when watering your planter as the wooden planters are not completely water tight – you may wish to place your planter on a plastic mat or tablecloth to protect your furniture if you are keeping your plant indoors.)

If the leaves or flowers start to droop, water thoroughly immediately and they should soon recover.

It is a good idea to keep pinching out the flowers as they fade to encourage the young buds and to avoid mildew. Once all the flowering plants are over the foliage plants will continue to grow, but if you like you can add more colour with new bedding plants in to make a fresh seasonal display.

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