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Vriesea Astrid Vriesea Astrid closeup Unusual vrisea houseplant Vriesea Astrid Vriesea Astrid in silver and gold pail
Vriesea Astrid

Vriesea Astrid

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Bromeliads come in many shapes and sizes but make great houseplants as they require very little care or watering. These striking Bromeliads are sometimes known as 'Flaming Sword' plants after their dramatic red flower spikes. Perfect plants to bring a bit of colour to a winter windowsill.
Current Description
The vriesea astrid have arrived and are looking as gorgeous as expected. As pictured, they have at least 5 striking red flower spikes which will last for ages, making them a fabulously tropical Christmas gift for the home or office.
35cm tall in a 1L pot
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4 Stars 4/ 5 3 reviews
kirsty w, Apr 10
5 stars

Beautiful plant, sent it for mother's Day, my mum was very happy with it!

andrew jenner, Dec 31
5 stars

very good plant and service

Duncan, Jan 12
2 stars

A little disappointed with the size of the specimen and the fact that the plant was a little damaged. Most likely in transit but nonetheless when you charge a premium price it’s only right to receive a premium product.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Vriesea Astrid are part of the bromeliad family and are native to tropical countries. They are easy to look after and produce bright red bracts making them a very eye-catching and attractive plant for the home.

Keep your Vriesea Astrid out of direct sunlight as this will damage the leaves. They like bright but diffused light and a constant warm temperature (minimum 15°C). The increased humidity in kitchens and bathrooms make these both ideal locations. Your plant will also be happy on a sheltered, sunny patio or balcony during the summer months. These plants feed through their leaves and so mist them regularly especially during the summer months. In the winter and autumn only water very occasionally and only when the soil is very dry. The key thing is to allow the plant to dry out before watering again.

Remove the bracts once they have died off and you can propagate your plant by gently removing the plantlets that will grow at the base of the plant in spring.

Problem solving

Pale leaves indicate that the plant could do with a feed – a good quality liquid house plant fertiliser will be perfect. If the inside leaves go yellow and / or brown the plant has been overwatered. Allow it to dry out completely before watering again.