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Pink Chamelaucium Wax Flower close up of white wax flower and buds White Chamelaucium Close up of white chamelaucium Wax Flower 2021
Pink Chamelaucium Wax Flower

Wax flower

Originating in Australia these young wax flower (Chamelaucium) produce dainty flowers with a lovely perfume. They will thrive on a warm, sunny windowsill and make a quirky gift. Great as a reminder of a trip down under or perhaps with love from Australia. These rare plants are surprisingly hardy and will even survive in a pot outdoors in a sheltered garden.
Current Description
New for the season, our plants are looking fabulous with loads of flowers and buds as pictured. The waxy flowers open slowly and will last for ages adding a welcome splash of colour to a home. We have sold out of the pink wax flowers now, and only have a few white left, get them before they are gone for this year.
35cm high in a 2L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Wax Flower

These evergreen bushes originate in Australia but make a surprisingly easy house plant in the UK producing masses of long lasting cream flowers in early Spring.

Because they are native to the southern hemisphere they do need a bit of frost protection. A light spot in a cool room is ideal where the flowers can be enjoyed but they will also do well on a patio during the summer months or outdoors against a fence in very sheltered parts of the UK.

How often you need to water will depend on the room conditions. Typically, about a teacup a week, but make your own judgement, by feeling the weight of the pot. Try feeling the weight when dry and when well-watered and then try and keep it half-way in between. Water from the top and let the excess drain out through the lightweight compost.

Problem solving:

Generally wax flowers are very easy going but be careful not to overwater them in the winter months. You are aiming for damp rather than soggy soil and they are very drought tolerant if you are away on holiday for a week or two.

Wax flowers are not too greedy feeders but if you notice the new growth becoming pale or mottled in anyway feed with Plants4Presents plant tonic or with a general purpose houseplant food according to the manufacturers instructions.