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White plumbago on trellis White plumbago flowers White Plumbago
White Plumbago

White Plumbago

Plumbago is an ideal long-flowering plant for a sunny window sill or conservatory and will bloom on and on from mid-summer to the end of October. Outdoors Plumbagos are treated as an annual but indoors they can be overwintered for a stunning display each summer.
Current Description
These pretty white or 'alba' plumbago's are STILL in flower and make a gorgeous plant for a bright room or windowsil and will be delivered on a neat trellis as pictured.
40cm+ tall in a 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Plumbago

The Plumbago, or “sky flower” is a conservatory plant. It will be happy in a conservatory, or a well-lit window or porch. In milder areas of the UK they will also be happy to spend the summer on a patio or balcony – but they are not hardy.

Make sure your plant gets plenty of light, by putting it near a window but a little way back from the glass to avoid scorching. Very bright direct sunlight is best avoided if possible.

Whilst the plants are in small pots they will need regular watering, especially if in a warm spot. However, the compost does not need to be wet, just slightly damp and it is okay for the soil to dry out on top in between watering. To help your plant grow you might want to add a drop of liquid feed to the water every few waters.

Your Plumbago plant is a climber by nature, cut off dead flowers to encourage more buds and train the plant upwards. As your plant puts on growth it can be re-potted in a larger pot with rich potting compost.

Don’t worry if your plant sheds petals, this is perfectly normal. Keep removing dead flowers and petals and your plant will reward you with more beautiful blooms.