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Wild Orchid

Kokedamo is the japanese art of growing plants from a neat ball of moss. They are an elegant way of hanging plants and are particularly suited to the air roots of orchids.
Current Description
A stunning wild orchid variety that has long lasting delicate flowers and will be delivered in an elegant kokedamo moss ball with a rustic string hanger. Fresh in this week in a range of pretty pink and apricot colours - just as pictured.
20cm tall in a 1L moss ball
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid Wild Orchid Wild Orchid Wild Orchid Hanging orchid
Wild Orchid
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This pretty orchid is a great easy going Phalaenopsis variety and has been planted into a traditional Kodema planter so it can hung up anywhere within the home.

Orchids naturally grow hanging from trees in the forest and absorb water and nutrients through their aerial roots so work particularly well suspended in this way. Because they are plants of the forest they prefer to be in a bright spot but out of direct sunlight so choose a spot away from a window. Although quite content in warm rooms, the cooler the room (within reason) the longer the flowers will last and if you prefer you can remove the string and place the planter on a table top instead.

How often you need to water will depend on the room conditions. In a damp room like a kitchen or bathroom they can absorb a lot of water through their roots without watering. If the room is not particularly damp you will need to soak the moss ball in water every couple of weeks or so to ensure your orchid has enough water reaching the roots.

Once your orchid has finally finished blooming cut the flower stems right back and find a nice out of the way spot with an even temperature for them to rest. With a bit of luck they should reflower again within a few months.

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