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Wild Plum

Wild Plum

These wild plum trees (prunus myrobalana) make a great addition to the garden producing scented white flowers in the spring and small sweet plums in the Autumn.
Current Description
We don't have any of these wild plums available just at the moment but we do hope to have some more later in the summer and will update this page as soon as we have some news.
70cm tall in 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This young plum tree will grow on over time and can be trained as a tree, bush or hedge. Wild plum trees (prunus myrobalana) are native to this country, are very easy to look after and produce pretty blossom in spring followed by small sweet fruit each autumn.

These hardy trees have just been repotted, so will be fine in their plastic pot for a few weeks but they will eventually do best either in a really large pot on a patio or in the ground.

For best results when planting out, dig a large hole and firm your tree in with manure, seaweed or any other rich compost. A wooden stake is also a good idea to help your tree grow tall and straight.

We expect these plum trees to flower for the first time next spring. Commonly seen in southern hedgerows, they can also be pruned in June to form a stand alone tree and the blossom will make a fantastic feature in early spring.

Problem Solving

Underwatering, extremes of temperature and shock can all be the cause of leaf drop in the summer months and need to be remedied quickly. However as these trees are deciduous in the autumn you should expect the leaves to turn a rich yellow colour and drop ready for a fresh flush of growth in the spring. These are hardy trees and are definitely best outside, but once planted out they should establish themselves quite quickly.