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Large Anthurium in Red pail with gold bands Anthurium Flower Close Up Anthurium in Lrage red ceramic pot Large Anthurium in Festive Pot Anthurium Flowers
Large Anthurium in Festive Pot

Large Anthurium

The red and green contrast of these dramatic plants will add a splash of colour. Originally from the tropics they love warmth and humidity and will thrive in kitchens and bathrooms.
Current Description
These anthuriums are looking absolutely stunning again this week. Standing well over 70cm tall they are substantial houseplants that will bloom on and on for weeks providing a dramatic display of colourful heart shaped spathes and glossy leaves.
70cm+ tall in a 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Anthuriums are quite easy to grow, have attractive foliage and produce long lasting flowers year round. They are ideal house plants, as long as they have the basic warmth, water and light that they need.

Anthuriums grow best where it is warm and slightly humid - a kitchen is usually better than a bedroom. Protect your plant from frost and freezing conditions and it will stay healthy. Anthuriums do like plenty of light but try to avoid direct sunlight. A light room or window sill is perfect.

When these plants are in small pots they need to be watered regularly. Water a small amount (around a teacup) every few days, more in hot weather. Ideally the soil should be damp rather than soggy and should be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings.

To encourage growth repot your plant in the spring and give it a general purpose feed in the water every month or so.

Anthuriums are tough plants and will recover from most problems with a little TLC. Slow growth and yellowing of lower leaves can be cured by a warmer night environment. However a sudden yellowing of leaves is more likely to be due to overwatering. Once the plant dries out dead leaves can be removed and new growth should appear. More light will encourage a non-flowering plant back into bloom.

More Information

Flamingo Flower

Scientific Name:Anthurium

Anthurium"s common names include painter"s palette

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