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Black Chilli Plant

These spicy chilli plants produce medium-sized dark purple peppers which get hotter as they ripen and turn red. They are a vigorous variety and will do well on a sunny windowsill or patio. Great for chilli con carne, Thai and Indian dishes.
Current Description
This is a really unusual variety and makes a fantastic quirky feature on any windowsill. This year's black chillies are a variety called 'pot black', with beautiful purple flowers followed by dark black/purple fruits that will eventually ripen to a fiery red. They are currently looking really striking, with a good crop of ripe fruits that are ready to use. You can enjoy the chillies milder when they are black, or wait until they turn red for a hotter flavour. These plants are also starting to bud up again and will put on another lot of flowers soon.
30cm+ tall in 1L pot.
Pot Black Chilli Black Chilli Plant       Black Chilli Plant       Black Chilli Plant       Black Chilli Plant       Black Chilli
Pot Black Chilli
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These spicy Capsicum annum are easy to grow Annuals. With warmth and water they will treat you with fruit from mid summer onwards.

These plants love sunlight and will be happiest on a sunny window sill or in a conservatory.

Whilst plants are in small pots they will need regular watering. Water from the top and let the excess drain away. You can stand in very shallow water - but don"t let the plant get waterlogged. The top of the soil should be damp to the touch.

On warm days you can put your pepper plant outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Keep up the watering routine and as soon as the autumn frosts arrive it should go back inside.

If the leaves start to droop and the flowers start to curl you know it is thirsty, so water straight away. These are annual peppers and you would not expect them to last over the winter.

These peppers are quite hot and are delicious in curries, stir-fries stews and Mexican dishes.