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Great for oriental cooking these bushy lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) are grown from seed in our organic nursery. Say goodbye to shrivelled overpriced sticks and use your own fresh lemon grass every time you cook.
Current Description
Don't forget that the grassy leaves, as well as the thick stems, can be used in cooking. Simply harvest fresh as you need it. A perfect gift for a keen cook, and perfect for a windowsill in a sunny kitchen, These young lemongrass plants are grown organically at our Sussex nursery.
50cm+ tall in a 1L pot
Lemongrass lemon grass fresh Lemongrass               Lemongrass               Lemongrass 2019
Lemongrass 2019
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

The thick stems of lemongrass add a distinctive flavour to a whole range of asian dishes and stirfries but they are easy to grow here in the UK on a sunny patio or in a bright room.

Keep the soil moist all the times by watering every day and place your grass in a warm sunny spot. The warmer and sunnier the position, the quicker your plant will grow on and the stronger the flavour will be.

Most recipes stipulate the stem of the lemongrass and you would normally harvest this when they are about the width of a pencil and use the white "blanched" central stem as an ingredient in stirfries and curries. However the grassy leaves also have a distinctive citrus flavour and can be shredded as a garnish or used as a herb in place or as well as the stems.

Over time you might find that the ends of the leaves turn brown and die back, this is perfectly natural but you can remove them at the base or trim them with sharp scissors to keep the plant tidy. In the autumn, give your plant a good haircut and let it rest until the spring when you will be rewarded with a flush of new growth.

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