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Kitchen bay with new season growth Small Bay Bush in pale green ceramic pot Bay Close up
Small Bay Bush in pale green ceramic pot

Kitchen Bay

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10 reviews
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Bay Laurus nobilis leaves are aromatic and add a real depth of flavour to winter soups and casseroles. Bay Laurel will remain green and fresh outdoors or in a cool porch or conservatory over winter.
Current Description
We're very pleased to have some more of these cute bays available again. They are multiple young plants which are nice and bushy in their pot. As the name suggests these are a perfect size for a kitchen windowsill where they will grow on to provide plenty of leaves for cooking.
45cm tall including the 1L pot
5 Stars 5/ 5 10 reviews
Ginny, Jan 23
5 stars

Easy to use and a welcome gift

Customer, Jan 05
5 stars

Really lovely planter bought for Christmas for an elderly relative.

Rachael, Jan 05
5 stars


Louise M, Jan 01
5 stars

I didn't see the product unfortunately but my mother said the gift was very beautiful! Thank you!

Joanna Steele-Perkins, Dec 29
5 stars

Beautifully presented and a divine scent . Delivered on time

Customer, Dec 23
5 stars

Sent as a gift. Have been told they are stunning!

SP, Dec 22
5 stars

The gift will be giving delight for a long time, as the hyacinth are in bud When the recipient got them today. The presentation and packaging are both excellent and the planted hyacinth arrangement is just lovely

Celia Carron, Apr 07
5 stars

Great service and product.

Frances Rhiannon Williams, Apr 04
5 stars

Excellent product and prompt delivery- what more could you ask?

Karen, Apr 07
5 stars

Vintage Hyacinths were a purchase for my mother.She was thrilled with them and is always delighted with the variety of colour choice and the variable choice of the container too.Cream or Tin.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This is the sweet bay tree - Laurus nobilis which produces savoury leaves for cooking.

When in a small pot, young bays will need some watering,

Bay trees are quite slow growing but if allowed to they will grow to full size trees in about 30 years. To encourage healthy growth repot your bay tree about once a year in the spring time. To keep their shape you may also want to give them a haircut at the beginning and end of the growing season.

Bay trees are very tough trees that require little maintenance. New shoots are a different colour - in the spring and summer your plant should begin to put on new leaves, don"t worry if they are a lighter colour than the existing leaves, they will colour up over a few weeks. New shoots are drooping - new shoots are more tender than established branches and may droop if exposed to hot or cold temperatures, ensure they are fully watered and try to keep in an even frost free temperature until the young leaves have matured and changed colour.Crisp or brown leaves - are the result of underwatering, give your plant a good soak and it will start to recover.

Bay leaves add a wonderful savoury flavour to soups, stews and meat dishes - put the washed leaves in the dish whole, but remove before serving.

More Information

Bay Tree

Scientific Name:Laurus Nobilis

Sometimes also known as the "bay leaf tree" for obvious reasons.

Small white flowers in spring

Young bay trees will be happy inside on a kitchen window sill but once they grow larger they will look great on a patio or planted into the garden. Bay trees are traditional topiary trees and can be clipped and shaped into a great variety of shapes.


Bay laurel has been used through history to symbolise strength and victory from the first olympians to roman emperors. Its magical powers are said to include protection from witches and lightening...

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