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Herb Planter Herb Planter Rosemary, Thyme, Sage Parsely close up Herb planter Home grown herbs taste the best
Herb Planter

Wooden Herb Planter

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Home grown, fresh herbs taste the best by far, and here we have a selection of tasty English grown herbs in an attractive wooden planter. These culinary herbs will be at home on a sheltered patio or in a cool room.
Current Description

This selection of fresh herbs not only look very attractive in their wooden planter, but smell heavenly as they come out of the box too! One of our herb planters would make a fantastic gift for a keen cook, or just to say 'thank you'. They are all freshly planted at our Sussex nursery and presented in a pale yellow wooden trough as pictured and we are currently choosing 5 or 6 plants (depending on size) from hyssop, rosemary, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, purple sage, thyme and marjoram

30cm high in a 28cm wide planter
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5 Stars 4.8/ 5 224 reviews
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Laura, Apr 20
5 stars

Lovely planter, well packed, nice selection of herbs

customer, Mar 29
5 stars

This product was a birthday present for my mother in the uk. It’s so easy to order from New Zealand. It’s great to have a reliable company I can be sure will guarantee delivery and quality products.

Megan Handoll, Mar 09
5 stars

Exactly as described , easy ordering and great communication. The recipient was delighted with the herb planter . Such a good company to deal with.

Zannie Griffin, Jan 17
5 stars

A great idea and lovely present. Wonderful service again. Thank you.

Lee B, Jun 19
5 stars

Great gift. Healthy plants/herbs. Thriving on balcony in London

Gill Beard, Apr 26
5 stars

Unusual and useful gift.

Jeanette, Mar 25
5 stars

Very reliable on delivery and a great choice of plants .

Barmybern, Jan 18
5 stars

Really lovely as alternative gift to flowers

5 stars

Lovely birthday gift for my niece which she will make very good use of, being a great cook. A very good and useful selection of herbs and ideal for her small flat.

Lisa, Oct 11
5 stars

Great item. Filled with a good variety of useful herbs.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These tasty culinary herbs are usually grown outside, but they can be kept indoors if you prefer as long as you follow a few simple rules. Indoors, they will have a shorter life, but keep cutting them back and you will find they last longer than you might think.

Like most plants, herbs need sunlight. A sunny patio, windowsill or a cool bright room is best. If indoors, try to keep them away from any radiators and their leaves from contact with the glass, where they may get scorched or chilled. Or of course pop them outside on a patio within easy reach of the kitchen door.

These herbs have been freshly planted at our Sussex nursery and sometimes the soil can still be a little loose on top. On arrival it’s best to remove all packaging, tuck in any loose soil and give your planter a little water if the soil feels dry. You are aiming to keep the soil damp rather than wet and it is a good idea to put a mat or tray under the planter when watering indoors to protect your furniture.

When picking herbs for cooking, cut or pick stems cleanly leaving a couple of centimetres of stalk above the soil, when you have used a complete crop of leaves allow the plant to rest and regrow. Regular harvesting encourages growth but once your plants have been harvested 2 or 3 times they should be left to rest completely and given a liquid feed or alternatively the individual herbs can be planted out in the garden in a sunny sheltered spot.

Problem Solving:

Kitchen herbs are generally very robust plants. However sometimes their fragrant leaves can be bruised in transit. If you notice any crushed or damaged leaves, nip these off to add flavour to your evening dinner and encourage new growth.

As conditions indoors can be quite humid, occasionally indoor herbs may develop a mildew or mould near the base of the leaves, if this occurs, pull off any affected leaves as soon as you notice them and try moving outside or at least to a sunnier position with good airflow. Uneven watering can also be a cause of mould and mildews so ensure that you water regularly but that the soil does not get too wet.

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