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Kaffir Lime i Gold ceramic pot Kaffir lime in seagrass basket Kaffir Lime fruit Kaffir lime from above Close Up of Kaffir lime leaf Kaffir lime in pale green ceramic
Kaffir lime in seagrass basket

Makrut or Kaffir Lime

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12 reviews
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The exotic Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix) is renowned for its glossy evergreen leaves which add the unique lime flavour to Thai Green Curries. Sometimes also known as Makrut, these young kaffir plants are perfect for a sunny kitchen windowsill.
Current Description
The younger sibling of our large Makrut limes, these compact trees are a great way to start your citrus collection. As pictured, they have lovely glossy foliage and are the perfect size for a windowsill. These healthy young plants will grow on and produce loads of leaves in years to come making them a wonderful gift for a keen cook.
45cm high including 2L pot
5 Stars 5/ 5 12 reviews
Mrs Menapace, Sep 13
5 stars

Good product and service.

customer, Aug 24
5 stars

Interesting foliage, different from other plants we have. Curious to see whether we get any fruit from it!

Don, Aug 09
5 stars

Excellent tree delivered. Larger than expected. Foliage in tip top condition. Half a dozen large semi-ripe lemons firmly attached. Wonderful gift ????

Peter, Aug 02
5 stars

Great plant, well packed, my daughter was very pleased with her present when it arrived as scheduled.

Andreea, Jul 26
5 stars

Plant looking great!

customer, Jul 25
5 stars

Recommend,brilliant service

Rhona Sutherland, Jul 16
5 stars

It looks good so far

Claire Friedli, Jul 06
5 stars

Beautiful, healthy plant with glossy green leaves.

Lorna Watson, Jun 27
5 stars

Lovely plant in excellent condition and new leaves coming already after only 10 days in my care. Looking forward to using in my new found interest in Thai cookery. Very reasonable cost.

Gail, Jun 23
5 stars

Lovely plant in good condition

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This evergreen bush (Citrus hystrix) is grown for the wonderful flavoured leaves. It will live happily inside or in a conservatory in the winter and in the summer can make a striking patio plant. However, it is not frost hardy.

Like all citrus trees these Kaffir Lime needs lots of light and a stable environment. A cool room is best, protected from radiators and cold draughts.

Whilst in a small pot it will need regular watering and will appreciate some citrus feed every few weeks over the summer. With citrus, it is also best to water from the top allowing any excess water to drain away. Your Kaffir lime should never be allowed to sit in water and the top of the soil should be allowed to dry out completely between watering particularly in the winter months.

Young plants are grown for their leaves, but mature plants can produce wonderful rough-skinned limes which are also used in Oriental cooking. Plants can be re-potted in the spring or summer if they are starting to out grow their existing pots– a citrus compost is best as it needs acid soil. Over time you may wish to prune this bush in the winter to keep a compact shape.

The kaffir lime leaves are a very popular spice in Thailand; their characteristic flavour appears in soups, stir-fries or curries. In Thai cuisine, kaffir lime is frequently combined with garlic, galangal, ginger and fingerroot, together with liberal amount of chillies. Try them finely chopped in stir-fries or use them like bay leaves and remove before serving in Thai curries.

Problem solving

Sudden changes in environment, under or over watering can all cause leaf drop however with a return to regular watering and a stable temperature they will usually recover well.

The glossy leaves of the Kaffir lime can pick up dust marks, if your plant develops dark grey marks over time they are likely to be dust or water marks which can easily be rubbed off with a clean cloth.

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