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Curry Leaf plant (bergera koenigii) Curry leaf plant 2023 Curry Leaf Plant
Curry Leaf plant (bergera koenigii)

Curry Leaf Plant

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90 reviews
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This rare curry plants makes a great gift for a chef or curry lover. This is the true curry leaf tree Bergera Koenigii and it's leaves can be used fresh as you would bay leaves to produce an authentic savoury flavour in a range of dishes.
Current Description

We're so delighted that after many years of restricted availability, we now finally have good quantities of these special plants available for sale.

Known by many names included Bergera koenigii, murraya, curry leaf, sweet neem, kari­veppilai, kari­patta or karhi-pat. This is the true curry leaf that is a key ingredient in a number of dishes from south east Asia. Particularly prized by chefs and cooks this is a herb that is hard to get hold of in the UK at it's best when used fresh.

These are the youngest of our curry leaf plants, and we've tried to show on the tape measure the expected size on delivery. They've already filled a lot out since these pictures were taken, and in a warm sunny spot they will continue to put on lots of new leaves next summer. Want a bigger plant? You can find our full range here.

25cm tall including the 1L pot
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4.5 Stars 4.7/ 5 90 reviews
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Bernie Steel, Sep 06
5 stars

Perfect for future curries. Smallish but well shaped and healthy plant. Quality shipping. Arrived in perfect condition.

Customer Image
Judith H, Aug 31
5 stars

A lovely healthy plant.

Ab, Aug 23
5 stars

delivery on time great plant orders and packed and delivered with amazing care! loved my two plants and glad they do the tropical rare plants in east Sussex! also came with instruction on how to care for the plant and free gift ????????

Minhas, Aug 12
5 stars

Safe & professional packing of the plant along with clear instructions

customer, Aug 11
5 stars

It appears to be in first class condition and with a note giving details of how to look after the plant.

Guest, Jul 28
5 stars

I got it for my nephew who’s a chief he couldn’t wait to use it in his cooking.

5 stars

Good looking healthy plant

Jane R, Jul 26
5 stars

I was really pleased to receive an email telling me that curry leaf plants were back in stock. Lovely product, efficient delivery.

Rebecca Gowda, Jul 25
5 stars

Very healthy, good size !

Falak, Jul 24
5 stars

Really well grown, came protected and has done really well

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

The Curry Leaf Tree (Bergera or Murraya koenigii) also known as the Sweet Neem tree produces pungent leaves which add that authentic curry taste in Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. Not to be confused with the herbaceous "curry plant" (Helichrysum Italicum) that smells but doesn"t taste of Curry. This true curry leaf can be used like bay leaves whole in cooking to add a pungent savoury flavour.

Native to warmer countries they do need to be protected from frost, particularly when young, so a bright windowsill is best in winter and a bright windowsill or sheltered patio in summer.

These young plants have recently been repotted and will be quite happy in there existing pots until at least next Summer. Over winter be careful not to over water, watering only a small amount when the top of the soil dries out completely. In the spring and summer as they start to put on new growth you will need to water more often and you might want to add a general purpose feed to the water every few waterings to encourage growth.

Once your plant has grown on a little you can start harvesting the leaves for cooking. Fresh leaves have by far the best flavour but you can also freeze or dry the leaves for future use.

Eventually these young plants can grow into attractive small trees and will produce white flowers followed by decorative black berries.

More Information

Curry Tree

Scientific Name:Murraya Koeniggi

Also known as Sweet Neemh tree this is the true curry leaf tree

Small white flowers followed by black berries

Berries are toxic but valuable for seed when fresh

Originating in asia and southern india the curry leaf tree has been dried and used in slow cooked dishes for centuries.


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