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Autumnal Blueberry Early Spring Blueberry Blueberry flowers Blueberry bush with fruit in the summer time Autumnal blueberry leaves Flowers in spring Close up of young  blueberries
Autumnal Blueberry

Blueberry Bush

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47 reviews
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Delicious vitamin-packed berries in summer and stunning foliage in the autumn make these young blueberry (Vaccinium sect. Cyanococcus) bushes a great all rounder. They can be grown in a pot or planted directly in the ground.
Current Description
A fabulous gift for someone that likes to grow their own, the blueberry bushes are healthy and nicely shaped plants which are dropping the leaves over the winter This is a great time to buy fruit plants so they can establish themselves in their new home, in readiness for growing loads of fresh new foliage in the spring, and their first delicious blueberries in the summer. Not as tall as pictured, we'll update the photos as soon as we can.
Approx 35cm including 3L pot
4.5 Stars 4.7/ 5 47 reviews
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Megan, Jan 12
5 stars

Quality is great. Happy to pay slightly higher price for speed of delivery and knowing it won’t be damaged in transit - every time I’ve ordered there’s been no damage at all.

Siwan, Aug 26
5 stars

Gift for a relative who is delighted with the quality of the plant

Robert Nummey, Jul 25
5 stars

I didn't see it because it was a gift, but recipient were pleased.

LMS, May 27
5 stars

Sent as a present, recipient delighted :D

Wendy Lynch, Apr 16
5 stars

Great went down very well as gift

Alan, Apr 06
5 stars

Already came with blueberries on them, great gift!

Sarah Richardson, Mar 28
5 stars

Arrived on time for Mother's Day - thank-you!

Louise Wisdom, Mar 27
5 stars

Recipient said it looked very healthy and is looking forward to taking it to her new home.

Louise Allen, Mar 24
5 stars

Great idea of a present. Well presented and something to look forward to in months to come!

Carly Singer, Mar 21
5 stars

Arrived happy and well and in great condition.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Blueberry Bush

Also known as Bilberries, blueberry bushes produce delicious berries, great for fruit salads, pies, jams and of course Muffins. This blueberry bush is a heavy cropper and will do well in a sunny or partially sunny spot in the garden.

Blueberry plants need a moist well drained acid soil (a ph of 4.0-6.0 is ideal) to crop well, but they will also do well in a pot on the patio. Blueberry plants have a very fine shallow root system making them susceptible to drying out. Water thoroughout the summer to ensure the soil remains moist. A thorough weekly drench should be fine in the ground, but if in pots you may need to water your blueberry bush more often. If you find the soil is drying out between watering or if you will be away for a few days, you can always stand the pots in a shallow tray of water.

Your blueberry bush should not really need feeding although when repotting or planting out you might want to add a general purpose (high potash) dressing to help it settle in.

Over the summer, the white bell shaped flowers will develop into plump blueberry fruits ready for harvesting in August.

Problem solving – The most common source of problems with blueberry plants is under watering it is essential not to let the fragile roots dry out. Water regularly and thoroughly.

Blueberry bushes are generally quite resistant to pests and do not need pruning. The fruits are ripe when they have turned a deep purple black and can be washed and eaten straight from the bush.

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