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Smothered in coral berries in festive red pot Coral berry Close up of ripening coral berries Red Coral Berry Ardisia or Coral Berries Close up of coral berries Ardisia Coral Berry Plant Christmas Berry plant
Coral berry

Coral Berry Plant

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These lovely Coral Berry plants are an unusual houseplant that will bring a splash of colour to a windowsill in the dark winter months, year after year.
Current Description

This weeks coral berry plants or Ardisia, are still smothered in red and ripening berries and will add instant cheery colour to a room. As pictured. Reduced this week for quick sale, these easy going houseplants will provide glossy foliage all year round and a fresh crop of flowers and berries in the autumn.

Good to know: the berries are not edible so keep well away from children and pets.

40cm tall in a 1 L pot
5 Stars 4.9/ 5 18 reviews
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R K, Jan 10
5 stars

Beautiful lush quality. Was topic of discussion and family/friends impressed. Nice change as Christmas present to my elderly mum of 92 years who lives alone. Was 4th time that I have ordered something from this company because every item of outstanding health and quality (lemons plants etc). Was delivered next day in morning. Plant delivered with red ceramic pot, plus a beautiful large card that my mum also found striking! Top marks and an all around above and beyond company - thank you!

Katy Romney, Mar 27
5 stars

Healthy plant, good shape with plenty of berries. Recipient was very pleased.

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Anne Binney, Dec 30
5 stars

I gifted this plant once before and it lasted for two years with beautiful red berries. Lovely for Christmas. Two different recipients were delighted with their gift

Elspeth Turk, Dec 30
5 stars

Looked good in the photo I received from the recipient.

N. Everagain, Jan 06
5 stars


Anne Binney, Dec 30
5 stars

Unusual plant. Looked just like the picture.

Miranda, Dec 28
5 stars

Fabulous festive floral plant

Eva Beadle, Dec 26
5 stars

Nice plant, delivered on time

Lisa Dixon, Dec 25
5 stars

Looks a very healthy plant

Naomi bailey, Jan 07
5 stars

Beautifully presented and full of berries as described, very pleased

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Coral Berry Plant

Also known as a Coral Berry or ‘Christmas Berry’ because of its festive red berries, this Ardisia will bring a welcome splash of colour to a windowsill in the dark winter months.

Your Ardisia will do best in a bright spot indoors at normal room temperature. Be sure to keep your plant out of any draughts and not too close to a radiator, they are happiest at an even temperature. A windowsill is ideal, however avoid South facing windows with too much direct sunlight which could scorch your plant.

Keep your Ardisia well-watered, the compost should feel damp to the touch. Ardisia like humidity and will appreciate occasional misting with tepid water. These aren’t particularly greedy plants but can be given a feed with general houseplant food in the spring to top up nutrients.

The bright red berries should last the whole festive season and well into the new year but when they start to shrivel trim them off to make way for a fresh crop of flowers in the spring.

Problem Solving:

Brown tips to the leaves or shrivelled berries usually means your plant isn’t getting enough water. Make sure it isn’t placed too close to a radiator which will dry the soil out and water more regularly.

Please note these berries are for decoration only, do not consume, they are mildly toxic to humans and pets.