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Coral Berry Plant

These lovely Coral Berry plants are an unusual houseplant that will bring a splash of colour to a winter windowsill.
Current Description
We love these colourful houseplants they make a lovely gift and will be delivered with masses of bright red berries - just as pictured.
35cm+ tall in a 1 L pot
Coral Berry Red Coral Berry Coral Berry Plant Coral Berry Plant Christmas Berry plant
Red Coral Berry
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Coral Berry Plant

Also known as Ardisia or ‘Christmas Berry’ as they flower around Christmas. These plants originate in South East Asia so are best treated as a houseplant in the UK.

They are not a fussy plant though and will do well in a bright spot indoors in temperatures from 10C to 30C. A South, East or West facing window is ideal are on a table top in a bright room.

Keep your Berry plant well-watered, the compost should feel damp to the touch.

The bright red berries should last the whole festive season and well into the new year but when they start to shrivel trim them off to make way for a fresh crop of flowers in the spring. In the spring, your plant can be re potted in a larger pot with suitable compost and either kept indoors all year round or put outside on a patio or balcony for the summer.

Ardisia are quite slow growing but over time your plant can grow into a sizeable bush. They are not particularly greedy plants, but the enclosed slow release feed can be used as a top dressing in the spring to keep the nutrients topped up.

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