Christmas Plants

Festive gift ideas

Plants with a festive theme or those that will be looking particularly good for Christmas

Our next available delivery date is now Tuesday or if you would like delivery as close to Christmas as possible, we recommend choosing Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th or Friday 21st as the cheapest delivery options but Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd December are also available.

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  1. Coral Berry Plant
    Coral Berry Plant Festive red berries
  2. Stephanotis
    Stephanotis NEW SEASON
  3. Baby Kaffir Lime
    Baby Kaffir Lime Young Kaffir Lime Plant
  4. Cyclamen Pot
    Cyclamen Pot Scarlet blooms
  5. Large Kumquat
    Large Kumquat in fruit
  6. Natural Spruce Wreath
    Natural Spruce Wreath Traditional Xmas Wreath
  7. Azalea Pyramid
    Azalea Pyramid Festive Flowering Pyramid
  8. Unusual Poinsettias
    Unusual Poinsettias Pretty pink flowers
  9. Giant Poinsettia
    Giant Poinsettia Giant Poinsettia
  10. Red Poinsettia
    Red Poinsettia The traditional Christmas flower.
  11. Festive Indoor Planter
    Festive Indoor Planter Festive colour for indoors
  12. Mini Lemon  (Lara)
    Mini Lemon (Lara) Miniature lemons
  13. Vintage Hyacinths
    Vintage Hyacinths Fragrant favourites
  14. Spray Orchid
    Spray Orchid Elegant blooms
  15. Festive Outdoor Planter
    Festive Outdoor Planter Festive reds for Outdoors
  16. Norway Spruce Christmas Tree
    Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Traditional Christmas trees delivered to your door.

    From £35.00

    To £50.00

  17. Yuletide Camellia Plant
    Yuletide Camellia Plant Showy oriental flowers and glossy leaves.
  18. Cymbidium Orchid
    Cymbidium Orchid Stunning oriental blooms
  19. Desktop Christmas Tree
    Desktop Christmas Tree SALE - £5 Off!
  20. Sloe Gin Set
    Sloe Gin Set GYO sloe cocktails
  21. Giant Dendrobium Orchid
    Giant Dendrobium Orchid Impressive and long flowering blooms.
  22. Indoor Hellebore
    Indoor Hellebore An unusual indoor variety.
  23. Winter Beauty Evergreen Clematis
    Winter Beauty Evergreen Clematis Pretty mid-winter flowers
  24. Topiary Azalea
    Topiary Azalea Long lasting blooms
  25. Japanese Quince
    Japanese Quince Delicate winter flowers
  26. Hyacinth Planter
    Hyacinth Planter Hyacinths in cream planter
  27. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit
  28. Large Clementine
    Large Clementine with scented flowers
  29. Festive Juniper Tree
    Festive Juniper Tree Grow your own juniper for Gin
  30. Lemon Meyer
    Lemon Meyer With small green fruits
  31. Christmas Bay
    Christmas Bay Festive tree with handmade decorations.
  32. Flowering Cactus
    Flowering Cactus Easy care flowers

Items 1-32 of 41

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