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The best plants to gift to employees

A plant makes a brilliant gift for any occasion, and not just for your typical Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries; plants make tremendous ‘well done’ presents too! At a time of year where many employers are saying thank you to those that make their business work, we’d encourage the consideration of plants as staff rewards - and we’ve got just the right candidates for your gift-giving plan.

Why give a plant as a corporate gift?

Even with a plethora of options available to you when it comes to gifts for employees, we’ll always advocate for plant gifts above the rest. Why? Because they really do keep on giving! These are some other reasons why we believe giving plants as a corporate gift is a fantastic thing to do:

They’re memorable

Chocolate, champagne, and even those fancy hampers are gone in an instant in the grand scheme of things. These fleeting gifts have nothing on the longevity of a plant, which indicate that you appreciate the hard work of your staff all year round, not just on special occasions.

They improve employee wellbeing

From their credentials as air purifiers, to being mood lifters and productivity boosters, plants have such positive effects on us as human beings that they’re a sensible, thoughtful choice of gift.

They’re good value

Short-lived gifts such as the ones we mentioned earlier leave no trace of the money you’ve spent, but a plant gives you excellent value for money in the form of a gift that can last in the home or garden of your staff members.

What are the best plants to give as staff rewards?

Whether you’re saying well done for a particular display of teamwork, or you’re looking for staff gifts for Christmas, these options are all gifts that provide greenery and beauty throughout the year:

Cyclamen planter

A plant gift is elevated by a special container, which is what makes these cyclamen planters the ideal gift. Displayed in a rustic metal planter and available in red, pink or white, these vividly-coloured cyclamens are an easy way to brighten even the smallest of both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as a cool windowsill or a doorstep.

Dwarf banana plant

The dwarf banana plant comes with bags of personality, with wide foliage that gives it a tropical look. Its tolerance of low light makes it a plant that can thrive at home, in the office, or even on a sheltered patio. Dwarf banana plants grow quickly, so they’re a super satisfying gift to give that could just bring with it a brand new passion for plant care amongst your team.

Satin Pothos

For the trendy amongst your employees, hanging plants are definitely in when it comes to home design, and this Satin Pothos looks just beautiful suspended from a hanging basket or planter. Indoors, they’re famed for their air purification, but wherever they’re put, their smooth, dappled, trailing foliage makes it an unusual gift that lasts all year round.

Tea plants

We’re willing to bet that tea is a big deal in your workplace - so how about growing your own? Tea plants are a quirky gift to give your staff, with the opportunity to harvest and dry the leaves to make tasty tea. Not only are these hardy plants functional, but they provide a bit of winter beauty too, with flowers that appear in the colder months to enjoy looking at while you enjoy your cuppa.

Spider plant

If you suspect that members of your team may be new to plant parenthood, a spider plant is the perfect way to introduce them to green-fingered life.

Not only do they look pretty funky wherever you put them (including those work-from-home areas), they’re fun to grow too, as their propensity for spawning ‘plantlets’ means there’ll be a ready supply of baby spider plants in future.

small plants

Staff gift giving made easy

The logistics of staff gift giving may cause a bit of a headache in the usual run of things, but when you choose your staff gifts through Plants4Presents, it’s made a great deal easier. All you need to do is choose the plants, select their containers, write your messages, and set their destinations - we handle the rest.

Get your plants delivered to the office, or to the homes of your employees; either way, they’ll get there quickly, safely, and looking fabulous.

Don’t forget if you have a few people on your list you are welcome to send us their details as a spreadsheet and for larger orders we can often offer substantial discounts on our normal retail prices. Call us today to find out more.

Looking for staff gifts under £30? Our selection of plants that come in bang on budget are all available in one place on our website.