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Crassula Crassula Crassula


These attractive succulents are easy to care for and great for smaller spaces and desktops. They will do well pretty much anywhere in the house or office.
Current Description
The wavy diamond shaped leaves on these plants make them a very attractive addition to a home. Water sparingly in winter and regularly in summer and these succulents will reward you with their distinctive glossy foliage all year round.
25cm high including 1.5L pot
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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Also known as Jade Plants these compact and easy -going succulents make great house and office plants.

Crassula are used to hot dry conditions and thrive indoors in a warm room. A sunny windowsill is ideal but your plant will tolerate a range of conditions as long as it is protected from temperatures under 10˚C.

Your new Crassula will need watering regularly through the warmer months, wait for the top of the soil to be bone dry then water until the excess drains freely from the bottom of the pot. However, through winter you will want the soil to dry out more between watering, giving the plant just enough water to wet through to the bottom of the soil. Always allow excess water to drain away, these plants will not do well if left to sit in water.

Crassula are quite slow growers and their size can easily be contained by a small pot, they also thrive when the roots become pot bound. This way wait to repot when the pot is full of roots and only go up one pot size at a time. To encourage more growth, repot your plant once a year in the Spring and give a general-purpose feed once a month through the growing season.

Crassula are pretty resistant to neglect. However, if your plant does start looking sorry for itself, pull off any dead or soft leaves and move to a sunnier position. Dark brown leaves or leaf edges can be a sign of under watering so try watering more regularly. On the flip side, mould at the base or the bottom of the leaves is a sign of over watering or too damp a position, so try a sunnier, airier room and let it dry out for a good week or two before watering.